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28 Sep 2015
2 Sep 2009
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from Cambridgeshire

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28 Sep 2015
    1. Andy Lester
      Andy Lester
      Would you be able to quote to install a zinc roof on a new single storey 5M x 5M extension?
      My architect has specified Dryseal (GRP) due to cost and reduced noise levels. However, i'm concerned about the longevity of GRP.
    2. luluo
      Hi Hardmetalking. I am also interested in roofing our day office in Zinc, and would love to you to give us a quote if you work in Surrey area. If not, could you suggest somebody who might be interested? Cheers, Lu
    3. Belinda1964
      hello, I'm new to this site but your user name kept coming up when I was 'googling'. We are after a metal flat roof about 11m by 8m, we're in Shropshire, and I'm having trouble finding anyone to even be interested. Are you able to help or suggest someone else who might? Personally I love the look of bright copper but at this rate will consider anything. Cheers, Belinda
    4. greenn424

      Could you view my post in roofing for a metal roof covering on a mono roof, please

    5. freddiefox
      Hello, how would I contact you for a quote for a zinc roof please?
    6. templewood

      Just wondered wether you have a web site with your contact details. I am planning to have a metal roof on a building I am extending in Bucks. Thanks Steve
    7. Carwarden

      I am looking to replace my roof in Camberley, Surrey with zinc. Is this something that you would be interested in doing. The house is about 3200sqft
    8. peter2704
      Hi ,based in leeds and will be building a extension in the next few months,the roof is a low pitch and fancy zinc would you be interested or is leeds too far?
      cheers peter
      We are building an extension in Cambridge with a large flat roof. We are looking for quotes to potentially have a zinc roof installed. Planning approval has been provided - so can forward the plans if interested in quoting.
    10. Billjg

      I am looking at getting a Zinc roof installed pdq. Timber is up, 18mm marine ply @ 3° pitch. The 'flat' part of the roof adjoins the front pitched part (slate), I am sure this is a pretty simple install. The flat roof is about 2.8m x 3m and has a parapet wall either side to flash into and the main house gable to flash into at the back.

      Can anyone advise on any good contractors to quote for this job in Warwickshire? Also, what is the typical cost per sq m for fitted Zinc (looking at VM Zinc)?

    11. MattCambridge
      Hello, would be grateful for your advice and quotation for providing a zinc roof approx 4.5m x 5.5m. It's for a modern extension; the architect specified lead but think zinc is worth considering too having seen your great photos.
    12. oskar866

      I've just been googling trying to learn about replacing my felt flat roof with zinc and found a number of your posts on diynot and was interested to see a few post where you said 'get in touch if you'd like a quote', well, I'd like one please :). How do I do about getting one for a 4x4.5m flat roof, no sky lights, joined to a house on one side, free access the remaining 3 sides?

      near newmarket.


    13. Hambledon
      Why are rooflights so much more expensive than velux or similar?
    14. Hambledon
      Hi - hardmetalworking. We are having a single storey extension build, around 2 weeks into the build. We have planning for a lowish single pitch roof to cover the build, and this we want to be in zinc. The total area of the build is around 50m2 and has 3 velux roof lights.
      Our building contractor will build the main roof structure, we are looking for quotes for the roof build, in zinc, above the main structure.

      Could you contact us for a quote please ? 07715900397
    15. davejaydj
      We have just started negotiations to buy a 60's built house and we are thinking of a zinc roof to replace the current felt roof.

      Please can you tell us if there are any houses in our area with a zinc roof we could view - we live in Rutland so South Lincs/Northants/Cambs/Leicestershire are all in easy travelling distance. In particular we are interested in houses where a modern house fits into a more traditional street - we live in a conservation area (Georgian/Victorian listed buildings and older). We would need to talk to the planners before we finalised the sale and having some photos would be useful (also to know we like the product in real life - only seen it on the web/TV)
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