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British Gas WR1 wireless thermostat

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by paul130861, 11 Oct 2011.

  1. paul130861

    11 Oct 2011
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    United Kingdom
    My rooms stat does not seem to talk to my reciever and the only way I can get the heating to work is to press the override button on the reciever. The recieve alarm light is also perminantely lit. I have changed the batteries in the room stat but it makes no difference. Somebody said I have to reset the recieve????? How do I do that. HELP!!!!!!!!!! I run a BnB and the guests want the heating on.
  2. DeltaT2

    24 Aug 2011
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    United Kingdom
    I take it Paul it's no longer under guarantee?? If so, good give them a call to come out & fix it.
    If not, they use re-badged controls, so your best option is to take a digi photos & post them up here. If you're really stuck, you can link out the receiver to give you some heat, but don't attempt to do anything with the electrics if you don't know what you're doing!!
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  3. Whitespirit66

    15 Dec 2007
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    United Kingdom
    It's a rebadged Drayton Digistat SCR.

    Try this. If it doesn't work, check battery terminals are clean. Still not working.................new stat time.

    1. Turn off the power supply to the Digistat SCR (receiver unit)
    and leave for 5 seconds.
    2. Turn on power to SCR unit and check red light is on.
    3. Press override button No.2 and check the green light comes
    on and boiler fires.
    4. Press & hold down button No.1 (Keep depressed), then
    press No.2 and keep depressed. {The Red LED light will flash
    a couple of times and then it will go out}
    5. Now release both the buttons – {the two LED lights should
    come back on}
    6. Get the Digistat+2RF/+3RF unit and stand two metres away
    from the SCR unit with the Digistat+2RF/+3RF unit in your hand.
    7. Remove the battery cover and fit the batteries.
    8. The Red LED light on the SCR will now flash for approx. 7
    9. This confirms that the radio signal is being sent and
    10. The Digistat+2RF/+3RF and the SCR are now successfully
    linked by a dedicated RF address
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