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oasistechnical is working as usual
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2 months ago
oasistechnical was thanked by bubblybabe123 for a post made in Alarms, CCTV & Telephones
1 years ago
oasistechnical posted a comment on drdr's profile:
have you fixed the ADT alarm, if not call me, we only fit galaxy and most of the time that is what ADT fit my contact details are, john harrrison, oasis technical services (uk) ltd, and my mobile is 07954 146323.
1 years ago
oasistechnical was thanked by buildersam for a post made in Alarms, CCTV & Telephones
1 years ago
oasistechnical was thanked by buildersam for a post made in Alarms, CCTV & Telephones
1 years ago
oasistechnical posted a comment on Davidsouthwest's profile:
let me know the name and i will have look for you, i am a registered SSAIB installer, HAMP098 and i live in Yeovil, with the firm based in Hampshire, so if you need any advice, call me, 07954 146323 (personal mobile) John Managing ...
1 years ago
oasistechnical is working as usual
1 years ago
oasistechnical updated their profile.
1 years ago
oasistechnical posted a comment on simonuk77's profile:
give me a call mate, either on the office number 0844 807 1 555 or my mobile 07954 146323 and we can discuss what you want to do, and how you want to do it! john harrison (oasis technical) managing director, oasis technical services (South...
2 years ago
oasistechnical was thanked by skibo for a post made in Alarms, CCTV & Telephones
Personal Information
Name: john harrison
Birthday: February 6th
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Hampshire
Interests: riding my harley davidson
Occupation: company director / engineer
Contact Information
Phone: 07954146323/0844807155
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lano - 3:41 PM on Oct. 13, 2014  reply | message
Hi John,
I'm not sure if you still 'work' on this website, but if you do I'd really appreciate some help disabling my old Galaxy alarm. The tamper alarm is going off continuously and driving me up the wall!
Many thanks,
Amateur99 - 5:04 PM on Apr. 13, 2013  reply | message
Hi John, you seem to be the man on the forum when it comes to ADT galaxy 2-12 issues with access. I have one, no longer under contract, which keeps dialling home every night and because of my phone contract is costing a fortune. To disable regular calls out I need to access 56 which requires engineer's code. I'm in NW London, would you know what code ADT might have used? I have tried all the defaults. Thanks!
12reeder - 2:48 PM on Aug. 25, 2012  reply | message
Hi John any chance you could help me with a G2 aswell I've bought off a friend who moved abroad and forget to give me any code fore the alarm I've fit the alarm but it's asking for a code. Could you email me on how to master reset please and if you have a pay pal account I will pay you for your time thanks
It also has adt on the key pad
phoenixbase - 8:49 PM on Mar. 10, 2012  reply | message
Hi John, thanks for your message, I hope you might be able to help.
I've got a G2 system from ADT, contract has ended and now stuck with a system that keeps trying to dial ADT monitoring every day. I don't know if it helps but the PIRs are all wireless however the keypad itself is wired to the main box. I've been trying to factory reset the system so that I can get it up and running again. I know I'll have to re-prog all my fobs, PIRs, codes etc but I really can't stand the fact that I can't use the alarm anymore (I've disconnected the tel line cable temporarily til I can sort it out). I'd be really grateful if you could help. You can email me at Many thanks in advance!!
them1ll3r - 12:48 PM on May. 5, 2011  reply | message
Hello John, My name is Joe and ive been reading one some of your posts about the galaxys panels. I have a problem that your help would be greatlty appreciated. I have ripped an Galaxy 2-20 out of a pub because it displays master reset required, i wasnt installed by ADT, So i just changed the panel because the pub was under refubishment. Anyways i now have the Galaxy at home and its in pretty good condition and seems a waste to chuck it in the bin. so i was wondering if there is a way of reseting it to factory defults, i tried the way that you said on one of the forums that u put on but it didnt work. u can email me at Thanks in Advance John
ap222 - 11:26 PM on Jan. 6, 2011  reply | message
Hello John, hope you had a good Christmas, best wishes for 2011. Just catching up to know whether you got a chance to send out the scantronic 9827 keypad. Thank you.
Kind regards
Anup, ap222
Firesec - 10:23 PM on Jun. 17, 2010  reply | message
Hi John, pleasure to meet you (even if it is just on the forum). Itís nice to know Iím not alone on here in terms of Honeywell equipment. I think itís currently the best product on the market due to its scalability and flexibility.

Steve. Firesec Ltd.
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