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Draught proofing windows and doors
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  Draught proofing


Draught proofing windows and doors is another way of saving money on your energy bills. Draughts are caused by cold air forcing its way through gaps around windows or doors. By blocking the gap you will stop the draught, but be careful not to block out the draught designed to pass under the house via the air vents at ground level. These vents will allow fresh air to circulate the property and help prevent dry rot, which may develop if the timber is damp.

To help find the source of a draught, light a candle and use it to find the source. By moving the candle around the edge of a frame, the flame will flicker where the draught is coming in. Use draught proofing strip around the frame of the door.

Types of draught excluder available:

  • Self-adhesive foam strip
  • Self-adhesive rubber strip, tougher - will last longer than foam strips
  • Brush strips - particularly useful on surfaces moving against each other, such as patio doors and sash windows.
  • Silicone rubber sealant - useful when filling gaps of an uneven, irregular gaps.
  • Sprung strip - more durable than foam or rubber strips, and suitable for uneven gaps.
  • Flexible tube

It is often difficult to calculate the size of the gap when draught proofing. To help you measure small gaps a useful gauge can be the thickness of the edge of a coin. A quick reference is:

2p or 50p coin = 2mm

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