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  Washable Fabrics


Immerse immediately in very strong salt water. keep changing the salt water until it runs clear. Rub any remaining marks with a salt paste, rinse thoroughly in cold water, allow to soak in cold water and biological detergent. At no time allow the stain to dry out. Do not use hot water - this will set the stain Once stain has gone wash as normal. Old stains may be treated using a solution of 10 ml ( 2 teaspoons) of ammonia in half a litre (pint of cold water), and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide added. Care should be taken with fabric. Suggest test on part of fabric that does not show, for instance the hem of fabric.

  Non Washable Fabrics


Add a few drops of ammonia to cold water sponge on stain then carefully rinse with cold water .If stain remains have item dry-cleaned. Suede and leather articles should be dry-cleaned as soon as possible.

  Carpets and Furnishings


Soak bloodstain out of carpet with cold water to which salt has been added, blotting off excess water until stain is removed. Ensure back of carpet is dry, then shampoo. Treat large stains on furnishings by sponging with biological detergent dissolved in water. Small stains can be treated with a paste of salt and cornflour, or salt and starch, left to dry, then brushed off.

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