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floor,wall,and roof repairs

This started off as lintol change and got bigger and bigger the further I got into the project. A lot of the floor joists were rotten so i had to cut out the rotten part and bolt new joists along side and paste all the ends and spray with preservative fluid.All the ceiling joists and roof rafter ends were rotten and I had to work my way along and scarf pieces in and bolt them together but as I went along the valley board that was under the lead parapet gutter was rotten so I had to replace that as I went. But at the far end of the valley board were the lead outlet went through the wall to the hopper outside I found that the lead pipe was leaking and had been leaking into the wall for over 20 years and all the water that went through the mortar came out as damp in the downstairs lounge wall.So I had to rip the gutter out and the out let and form a new gutter and outlet in fibre glass. So when I got up on the roof I had to rip the first few coarses of slates and hack off the valley wall and also replace all the soakers up the adjoining wall .As you can see by the photos an awkward job!!!!

roy c, 25 Apr 2010
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