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Kev1985, 31 Aug 2019
    • Kev1985
      • Hi everyone,

      Bought a house recently and my wife and I have had a constant headache since moving. Our stuff is very cold and we have had the heating on most of the summer.

      There is a musky smell in a few rooms. The living room bay window has a musty smell at one side, bedroom 2 smells very bad with mould and damp.

      The bedroom we are currently in has what looks like mould on the walls, looking for some advice on where we go with this.

      The survey did not pick up and there were no smells present when we viewed, is removing mould a big task, how do we go about this?

      Structure is timber framed I’m now panicking that the timber may be affected due to the place smelling bad.
    • COCON
      The survey did not pick up on this? It should have, the usual excuse is that it was only to establish if the building was a safe investment for a mortgage. There are surveyers and 80% of them are idiots. You need to check for ventilation between the wall panels and air circulation in the rooms. Condensation can cause problems. Damp timber rots very quickly. Check for any ingress of damp. Was it hot weather when you viewed? Get advice from someone who is not wanting to sell you something.
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