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Panel photo

A1 panel view

usama kamel, 22 Jan 2020
    • usama kamel
      I have A1 alarm system, old and not working, but good deterrent because house alarm siren box on front of the house is flashing red and panel in the house is live and light is on. However, since the main house fuse box has been upgraded to meet new standards and expand to give spare circuits, the panel is making activated alarm noise in the house. The only way to stop the alarm being activated is to remove one of the fuses inside the panel (right side one on photo) or stop it from main fuse box but that turn the red flashing light off as well. I do not know the alarm code (tried 1234 but it seems previous owner changed the factory setting code). I do not want to reactivate or bring the alarm to function, but only to have the red flashing light outside back on. Is there a way to do that?
      Many thanks
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