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  1. David 6 Terrace
    Please see the picture In Fischer future heat thermostat issue, this is the image I get when the dial is turned to the sun/daytime setting so I am unable to set or change the required temperature,...
  2. diy_fun_uk
    Yeah post more pics, some from slightly further back as well. It's almost certainly not be part of the door frame, it'll be a separate piece of trim.
  3. Adam2050
    @diy_fun_uk Maybe wrong but it looks nothing like that. It appears to be apart of the frame. As in each corner. Maybe I'm over thinking it or I need to add more photos in better light?
  4. diy_fun_uk
    Why not just replace it? Agate Grey, 45mm - Pencil-Round Architrave uPVC Plastic Window Finishing Trim | Truly PVC That's just an example I've pulled from the net, Google 'upvc threshold' and...
  5. noseall
    No, just a 450mm x 450mm lead soaker at the bottom.

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