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  1. Bunkhouse
    Hi im trying to wire a Salus RT310RF to a Aztec Gold Electric Boiler. The Salus has a live and neutral feed from a fused spur and a No and COM connection. Ive added a picture of the wiring diagram...
  2. clifford1
    It's clearly work in progress. The (white) bracket holding the horizontal pipe (black) is broken, and a uniform colour scheme for the three pipes would look better.
  3. giu82_
    This is very clear. Those are proper concrete blocks not light concrete? Blocks seem suitable as I can get an uncommon depth for bricks (i.e. approximately 15/26cm)
  4. Laurieo
    On the toilet seat leaver out the 'pegs' and the chrome cap will come off reviling the screw tops .
  5. Dave did what
    Hi Firstly yes I am a DIY novice. Trying to fit front roof bar on a 12 year old ford fiesta. Its a bit of a job.. have to excavate the holes and remove plastic plugs before you can bolt into them....

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