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  1. gasbanni
    It needs refitting properly by a good tradesman .......don't try it yourself unless you know what your doing ........the fact that you can see it to photograph it suggests time it can be refitted...
  2. DazzarGaz
    Lack of gas isolation valves, the flexible connector should be directly connected to the booster (the booster is gonna shake with that lump hanging off it.).
  3. foxhole
    You have sealed so will not take a dye, you could try a light oak wood stain but result could be patchy .
  4. snb
    is that definately a surrey flange and not a wessex flange. if its a wessex you need to alter as the vent is out the side and the top connection for the pumped outlets
  5. rdr
    Hello everyone! Just joined with a problem..:?: Moved in to this house recently not realising problem with heating at all. There are Danfoss TP7001M thermostats in rooms but shows bleak lighting...

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