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  1. thompa25
    here is a picture of the low threshold and cill and the plastic cill
  2. Sureitsoff?
    looking at pic 2 it appears that if you remove the red from L in the choc block the black from N and the earth from under the nut you should be able to remove the light without having to undo any...
  3. Lee221
    Anyone knows what this shower waterproof cap is called? and where to buy it?
  4. PMV Maintenance
    Needs Insulation alright! https://www.roofwindowmaintenance.co.uk/about-us.html
  5. Anuj Kapoor
    Hi All, Any help will be really appreciated! I am trying to replace the ESI ESRTP 5 Programmable with Hive receiver at the same location (using the existing wire) This is the current wiring...

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