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  1. Alec_t
    Looks like you could get some grips on the screw head to get it out?
  2. Dain1
    You would screw a piece of 10mm ply to the top of the thermalites before plastering commenced, or deal with it later and patch up the gap in the plaster below the sill that adding the ply and sill...
  3. dan2071
    Id also probably just combine the cold feed and vent and take a 22mm pipe into the bottom of the tank. This prevents pumping over etc. But bare in mind, this can only be done if the boiler has an...
  4. dan2071
    It use to be 150mm between vent and cold feed
  5. Agile
    Of course it was not fitted as the original. A big clue is that the nupty installer did not even bother to fill in the data plate. Does the OP really think that Potterton will send out boilers...

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