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  1. outmyway
    I'm trying to remove this shower thermostatic valve face plate. The plate retaining rings are stuck, the plastic ring has over time stuck itself to them and the rear plate. Anyone any ideas please?
  2. JudeEngbretson
    CBD oil reduces the frequency and intensity of seizures in this disease, and it does it gently - without side effects like pharmacological drugs. What's more: In 2018, the US Food and Drug...
  3. Bunkhouse
    Hi im trying to wire a Salus RT310RF to a Aztec Gold Electric Boiler. The Salus has a live and neutral feed from a fused spur and a No and COM connection. Ive added a picture of the wiring diagram...
  4. clifford1
    It's clearly work in progress. The (white) bracket holding the horizontal pipe (black) is broken, and a uniform colour scheme for the three pipes would look better.
  5. giu82_
    This is very clear. Those are proper concrete blocks not light concrete? Blocks seem suitable as I can get an uncommon depth for bricks (i.e. approximately 15/26cm)

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