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  • This will allow you to have upto 12kw of appliances plugged in your man cave at any one time.

    Ignore the guys on the forum, if you have a brain cell you will be perfectly safe.

    P.s to make it easy I would just clip the swa to the fence, this is perfectly acceptable and within the rules
    Install 6mm 3core SWA into the junction box.

    From your consumer unit breaker no.3 install 6mm twin and earth, connect this to the junction box of with the swa.

    The sheathing of the swa and the yellow core of the swa should be connected to the earth in the twin and earth cable (the yellow core is now your earth for the man cave).Replace no.3 breaker for a 45 amp breaker.
    Can't work out how to send you a pm.

    Anyway so as not to give the electrician girls on the site a chance to complain I've messaged you here.

    You will want to install 6mm cable for what you want. I would do the following:

    Remove the isolator box and replace with just a standard junction box.

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