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    Brain death

    They say that alcoholics are the last people to realise that they are an alcoholic. For this, amongst many other things, I think you need to seek help.
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    Brain death

    Please don't let the way your MSM handles this story cloud your judgement. Your MSM is selling 'clicks' by twisting the story to tug your primitive emotions, yet you have no emotional involvement in this sad case.
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    Neighbours smelled gas but didn't report it - London

    I have to say that whenever I've reported smelling gas they've been out within the hour. There was this scenic place I used to go to for lunch & the whiff was very faint & very much depended on the wind, but they were there for 2weeks replacing a huge main. The latest was while out walking the...
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    Gobby dog

    Have you been diagnosed with aspergers? Or, are you still in the denial stage?
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    Gobby dog

    I remember a nice sunny evening a few years ago when we'd walked out to a far away t'pub. I wasn't all that surprised to find our villages resident idiot, power drinker & ne'er do' well'er was sat opposite us. keen not to attract my attention. In comes a local, supposedly out walking his...
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    Gobby dog

    I would never have funk that you had aspergers.
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    Can't get the staff

    This. Stop pretending to understand politics & start learning economics. Food inflation is going to hit 40-50% this coming winter. They are not only going to freeze you to death, you'll be hungry when you pop.
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    Gobby dog

    Once had a BIG argument with a hippy type wumman in a pub garden. All the tables were out in full sun approx 25+deg. Parked the car in shade approx 20deg. After running the aircon full blast for a few mins the temp inside the car was 16deg. Dog left safely in back & Dork sat 50ft away enjoying a...
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    Gobby dog

    One of the funniest things I ever saw. 2 hairy biker types carrying a tree branch between them over their shoulders, hanging from the middle of the branch was a pitbull. That dog had obviously bit the branch & there was no way it was letting go.
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    Notable Obituaries.

    Alex Jones, radio show host and prominent conspiracy theorist. Karma always gets you in the end.
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    Gobby dog

    & if you lived 'round 'ere, your old man would have broken legs at best.
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    What have you bought today?

    Am I the only one who wonders why we don't yet have a piccy of Uranus???
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    Brain death

    It's a very emotive subject & I for one am glad that I'll never have to sit & judge such a case as Archie's. One very similar & very emotive case a few years ago defied all logic. Everyone involved maintains their dignity, but a source very close to the family involved admitted privately to a...
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    China threatening

    It's all part of the narrative. Taiwan has a timeline & it's not time yet. Can you imagine a scenario where the CCP falls on it's knee's & collectively thanks their godless gods for such a high profile PR exercise.
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    Cost of food/a meal

    Oh f#kkin deary me. Have most of you totally forgotten what real food tastes like???