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    1. startrack
      Hello. Do you cover the North Shropshire area? Would you be interested in quoting for a project in VM Zinc, Quartz. A dormer conversion and flat roof extension?
    2. ed110220
      Hi, do you cover the Bath area or is that too far from your part of the world? I'm looking for quotes to get my house reroofed with a metal standing seam type roof covering.
    3. pred02
    4. Labbetts
      Wondering if you cover the Epping Forest area. We have a new extension being built and were looking at ZInc on a small part of the roof to the rear.
      The surface area of pitched roof is roughly 3.8m wide by x 2.5m.
      Pitch is around 15%
      There will be two velux's within the area and a parapit wall on one side (Semi detached).
    5. cheradenine
      After someone to quote for some zinc work (Oxford). It's a 3deg pitch warm roof with a step in it, of approx 5mx2m with 1xskylight and gutter, and I'd also like to use prob anthra-zinc for the fascia and to cover a wall transition.
      The structure will complete in the next couple of days; the sliding windows that need to be fitted before the fascia/coverings are 8-10 weeks out - but could be done in >1 stage.
    6. jasonrnaylor
      Hi, We are building a lean to, single storey extension on the rear of our house, external wall dimensions are 3.4m deep, 6m wide. I plan to have two roof lights, size is tbc.
      Could you give a ball park figure for cost of a metal roof, supplied and fitted (Leeds)? Tata colourcoat or zinc sound good, but open to others.
    7. swan980
      Hi. Planning a small domestic single storey flat roof extension, near Bedford, approx 18sqm. Please could you provide a ballpark cost for zinc, fully fitted, and if you are interested in such projects? (it's difficult to find zinc suppliers and fitters for domestic extensions!) Thanks
    8. Nic Wor
      Nic Wor
      Hi I saw your post http://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/thinking-about-a-zinc-roof.231717/page-2 - we are interested in re-roofing an extension on the back of our flat in zinc. Currently its covered in that felt/rabbit hutch material. The area is 5mtr wide x 4.2mtr drop. Can you give us an idea on how much that would cost? We want to know if it's affordable within our budget. Thanks! Nicola
    9. greenn424
      Please could you have a look at my post I need a mono roof doing and after some pricing and guidance greenn424
    10. mazdaq
      Hi Hardmetalking, considering a zinc roof on our existing property plus proposed extension. Can you give me a rough idea of sqm cost for zinc vs standard clay tile roof? In Bucks area. Thanks, Chris.
    11. Dan Evans
      Dan Evans
      Hi Hardmetalking, we are currently planning a single story extension to the rear of our property, the approximate roof area will be 40 sqm with 3/4 skylights. Are you able to provide me with a rough estimate for supplying and fitting a zinc roof please? We are based in the Worcestershire. Many thanks, Dan
    12. CatLincs1
      Hi, I'm near to Peterborough and have planning permission for a roof extension approx 4mx3m. It's a grade 2 listed property and the roof has to be done in either zinc or lead and I need to make a decision about which material. Would you be interested in quoting/making a suggestion about which material would be best. Many thanks
    13. selfbuilder1975
      Hello. I'm planning a single storey extension 4m x 5.5m in Yorkshire. Approx. 11 degrees mono pitch no chimney /no roof lights etc. Considering VieoZinc warm roof and doing it myself. However, things that look within my capabilities on paper don't always turn out that way. Having looked at your posts I'm hoping you might be interested in giving a quote for this or another recommended zinc material.
    14. Andy Lester
      Andy Lester
      Would you be able to quote to install a zinc roof on a new single storey 5M x 5M extension?
      My architect has specified Dryseal (GRP) due to cost and reduced noise levels. However, i'm concerned about the longevity of GRP.
    15. luluo
      Hi Hardmetalking. I am also interested in roofing our day office in Zinc, and would love to you to give us a quote if you work in Surrey area. If not, could you suggest somebody who might be interested? Cheers, Lu
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