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22 Jun 2021 at 10:50 PM
2 Mar 2008
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22 Jun 2021 at 10:50 PM
    1. kirkgas
      send me an email to kirk.elwood@hotmail.co.uk and i will send some stuff on to you
    2. DP
      Thank You Kojak.

      My email address is rannochservices@ntlworld.com
    3. kojakxx
      Just thought Id let you know how it went...omg, I did soooo bad. The questions I think I passed but the interview was like a lead balloon, they just want a breakdown engineer who occasionally does servicing in the summer, with my lack of experience in bdown I knew then I hadnt got it, the rest went ok, but you know when you get that feeling of failure, thats what i have now. Ah well, back to Sandwell servicing in smelly houses...finally, thanks once again I owe you.
    4. kojakxx
      Thanks for taking the time to reply cjb, i really appreciate it. Any job is better than the one Ive got now so I will be after the position, but, i doubt i will get it as all ive done for seven years is servicing. Im working in Tipton on wednesday so will got there after doing a few jobs first. Well, fingers crossed, and thank you once again, If im unsuccessful then I will give BG a shot.
    5. cjb1971
      They split you up into 4,one does a multi choice exam,one does a verbal exam,one has the interveiew,and one does the practical,then they swap you around,questions were pretty straight forward think i got 2 wrong,one was the let by test for 35mm pipework,its 2.5mb if u get the same question i put 4mb durr,and one about which regulation aplies to something,i chose a bs number but think it was supposed to be part j,and 8mb drop for the e6 meter if that questions there,the fault finding was on an old open flu boiler,piece of cake,was the cylinder stat fault but that could change for your assesment,and just have to tell them everything thats against the regs on the instalation.
      The interview was a bit starnge asked loads of questions that were a load of crap,like what do you do to make yourself a better engineer,hos do you cope with a customer going ape ****,i told him have never had a customer mouth off at me,he asked why,i said its prob because im 6`4 and 16 stone to which he pulled a face lol.
      I did not get offered a job but had allready decided not to take the position anyway so it didnt bother me.I think if u want to work for a big company then BG is far more atractive,after reading the advice given to me on here about eon,the shifts did sound a bit crap to me, although the basic of 34k includes all your standby payments,its still a very good basic wage.
      Best ofluck with the interview
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