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  • Hi mate,

    thanx for the reply

    I'll try explain the situation.

    I done a gas course approx 18 months ago while working for a company. I paid for this myself at the cost of £3k. Cut a long story short, the company made me redundant even though they promised to let me complete my portfolio with them. Anyway, so after a few months of trying to find a firm that would take me on, i decided to set my own property maintenance company up but also while doing this, i could register my company as gas safe and have my so called best mate as the named engineer. I paid for everything but now he wants to charge me ridiculous amounts of money for work he does which would mean that working would end up costing me money.

    anyway mate, I still need to complete this portfolio, i have gas jobs that need doing every now and again and would be happy to employ someone, cards in, to complete the jobs. This would then help me complete my portfolio.Also, would you consider taking me on any gas jobs you do for a price. I would obviously help out with anything that you need me to do for free, but then i would pay you a fee for helping me complete my portfolio. Its basically money your can earn, cash in hand, for taking a few pics and helping me complete my portfolio. I wouldnt get under you feet and be a burden. Im a hard worker just looking to better myself and hopefully move to austrailia with a trade.

    if you can help out in anyway, please let me know, i would be really greatful

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