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    Window Sills

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    Smart TV

    Television content has never been better than now - there's always something to entertain and the back catalogue goes back 70 years - or you can get into silent b/w films from the 20s...which i thought you watched already:sneaky: - Bored with telly? Youtube provides endless choice and these days...
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    England and Wales, formerly Christian countries

    Words on a screen have a 2-D impression leaving the reader to make up their mind as to the context behind the tone of specific words used to impart the meaning. I take the call to 'disestablish' the role of the Anglican Church in matters of State and in schools to mean leaving politicians and...
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    England and Wales, formerly Christian countries

    Yes, it does depending on the context of the intended use within a sentence. Some Republicans would cheerfully abolish the Church while moderates will settle for disestablishing the role of the Church in the state and in education. Which are you?
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    England and Wales, formerly Christian countries

    Are you claiming it doesn't?
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    Poo-tin Poopypants Takes a Tumble If the 'source' is accurate then it seems the Russian despot has more problems than Ukraine on his mind. [He suffers] "oncology of the gastrointestinal tract, as a result of which he already experiences serious problems with digestion” - and the fall caused an...
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    Window Sills

    You can use a one-coat gloss or go nuts and prime, u/coat then gloss over the whole shebang. Your call.
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    Smooth uneven paint

    If all else fails you could hang a picture there.;)
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    Window Sills

    A good paint remover, like Nitromors, and several grades of sandpaper usually do the trick. A quality gloss paint to finish. (y)
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    Restore old staircase Help advise tips

    You could laminate them with a tile effect design, as above, or use parquet to give it a nice finish although that'd be more expensive and since the bannister is painted also that might well be the way to go. Cheaper too. If you wanted to remove all the paint you could try a heat gun to...
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    Matt Hancock Apologises.

    He seems like a man who's realised his political career is over and now he's on the outside feels free to pi$$ over the wall. I'm certain his opinion would otherwise have a different tone. On Newswatch last night, points were raised about the number of stories regarding him coming third in the...
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    Word Association

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    Change one letter.

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    Decline in jam varieties

    I love raspberry J. but making it is a fiddly job to remove all those seeds so bearing that in mind i'd say Cherry J. is my currant fave. Recipes call for equal parts sugar-to-fruit but my sweet tooth must've fallen out over the years as i prefer to use half the amount of sugar. It gives room...
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    England and Wales, formerly Christian countries

    I was considering this headline 'Calls Grow to Disestablish Church of England as Christians become a minority. The census shows 5.5 million fewer holders of Faith in England and Wales - no data for Scotland; perhaps they've already made Nationalism their new religion? It's prompted calls for...