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  • no problem then mate, let me have the ftp details when your ready and i can make a start..

    It is just really a case of correcting a few spelling mistakes, adding a handful of testimonials and a few pictures, one of my friends also pointed out that once on the 'services' page all the links to other pages at the top go dead meaning that you have to close and re-open the page just to get off the services page.
    I can get the FTP code from the hosting company so that is not a problem.
    All I am really looking for is somebody to do basic maintenance and updates every now and then for me as these companies don't seem interested once they've had the bigger money for doing a complete site.
    Thanks for your reply
    Hi Ray just been reading some threads about websites and wondered if you could help me out, I paid a company last year to refurbish my website but there were mistakes and things that I wanted on weren't put on, I have chased and chased them but getting no joy, any chance you could help me out? website is www.agtplumbing.co.uk if you want to take a look, Cheers, Alex
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