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    Sealing shower

    I would imagine that the shower is leaking into whatever is below? I'd suspect that the edging tiles on the shower base rim were a remedial measure - possibly when the tile was changed out on one of the walls. As above, the best course is to take out the tiled shower walls, enclosure & base...
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    Reparing Broken Underfloor DPM

    simon2009, If you use a flexi connector in the ground there are various risks - personally, i dont like to use flexi's anywhere. I would use solid pipe. An S-trap pan is the obvious pan to use because willy-nilly you will turn a P-trap into an "S-trap". An S-trap pan will keep things...
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    Reparing Broken Underfloor DPM

    As it stands, I dont think your proposition will work, you will come up to the right of the notch: You really need the complete WC pan and cistern on site with a copy of the installation dimensions at hand. There are various types of S-trap pans with different centres for spigots. You will...
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    Laminate worktop joints

    Whoever installed the w/t takes responsibility for: due diligence inspection of the w/t before fitting. If its not right then its not fitted.
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    Soil Stack / Vent Pipe question

    Check on the planning and Regs forum for up to date accuracy ref set-backs. But be certain: no guesswork. If you go for a lead slate then pulling the S&V vent pipe away from the wall will give you more room (at least a full tile) - dont end up squashing lead into a narrow gap behind the vent in...
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    Masonry paint to control suction

    FWIW: i've never heard of or seen done what you propose. I wouldn't do it that way. I'll tell you what "ain't cheap" - having to re-do the whole thing in a few months time. You damp down most any backing esp. a very dry backing. Use a spray or a 8" masonry paint brush & clean water - then two...
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    What is this dark patch on my chimney breast?!

    scruffybiker, the OP appears to have disappeared from his own post. But, FWIW, if you are having difficulties with soot penetration from a flue(s) then why not open a separate thread describing your difficulties on here or in the building forum?
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    Damp chipboard under vinyl in bathroom

    How do you know that the leak was: "due to a gap in the seal"? How can you be certain that the leaking has indeed stopped? Pics of above and below the bath might help? If the chipboard was screwed down then it might be possible to lift it? Is there an extractor in the bathroom?
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    Reparing Broken Underfloor DPM

    Why have you excavated? Was there a leak or are you repositioning the WC? Does the soil pipe go on from the fitting thru the right hand side of the hole, or will it rise up on a ninety bend? When i understand what you are doing i'll attempt to advise you. FWIW: the bottom 50mm of the wll...
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    Leaking shower into floor joist

    As advised above - you should really clean out the old silicone and dry off - however, you could dry off the in-place silicone and go over it. It wont hold for long but ... When you are ready to refurbish the bathroom then come back here.
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    Damp,condensation old air vent

    Why not post pics of the interior damp area, and at ground level outside the damp spot area? Do you have a high air brick in the living room? Is the floor solid or suspended? Perhaps read the Similar Threads at the bottom of this page?
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    Soil Stack / Vent Pipe question

    AAV's must be fitted where they can be accessible for maintenance ie. lifting up and out. Headroom is required above the AAV. They should also be fitted above the flood rims of any fixtures that they serve. Strictly speaking, its doubtful that there is enough height available in the proposed...
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    Advice Installing Bath

    As above, pics are needed - your description and my visualisation might be miles apart. Bath strips are useless - in my limited experience they eventually come loose, and collect mould and slime and allow water to pass. What is to stop you rendering, & pulling out the return wall to a true...
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    Leaking shower into floor joist

    If you pull the bath tub then give serious consideration to a bathroom re-fit. The soggy joist sounds like extreme wet rot - this can often be cut out leaving a treatable, and if hefty enough, joist in place. The new board by the left hand skirting doesn't go under the skirting - hence...
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    New Fitted Wardrobes - External Wall - Mould

    OP, you have nothing to lose by trying the polystyrene route. But if the wardrobe is built-in how do you intend to cover all the rear wall, and any return walls with continuous sheets of poly? Ventilation behind the unit(s) is a must - high and low. Does the room have an air brick vent? What...