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  • Thanks for getting back to me. We're in the same boat, waiting for an endowment to do the kitchen, though it won't be anywhere near what we hoped for at the start, probably same as you.
    I've been looking on Ebay, but it's quite hard to find a balanced flue, I've seen some on Classy Cookers..just have to save enough for the relocation and fitting!
    Good luck with yours
    Thanks again
    Hi, did you sort out the Aga? I had one yrs ago, then moved to Spain, now back and want one again ( though Hubby says no) Just wondered if you had a fitter around the North East? We bought ours reconditioned the last time from John Wray, but they're too expensive .
    I'm starting to look now, and will have to butcher the kitchen to get one in, like you. Just saw this forum while searching for fitters, so would appreciate any info you might have or tips! Or even pics if you've finished your kitchen!
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