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2 Apr 2007
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    1. walto90
      hi mate,do u have an engineers manual for a guardtec 300?ive cut the tamper wires on the door contacts and cant reset it.thanx
    2. ocm102
      Hi, I wonder if you can help me with an engineers manual for Gardtec 490X. I need to replace, reinstall, and add a PIR into the system. Gardtec themselves are refusing to supply me woith one. Saying that they wont supply because:

      1) Health and Safety Reasons – There is mains supplied voltages present in the control panel and any advice we give is addressed to installers who we have requested due diligence from to ensure that they are a company dealing with security equipment.
      2) Security Reasons – This is due to sensitive nature of the information where there is the possibility that the information can be used by people with a criminal intent.

      I would be truly grateful if you could help.


    3. Marionginger
      hi maybe you can help me. we bought a flat last year and the seller had not the manuel or the code from the alarm system. it's a gardtec 300. it looks all ok but we can't get it working without the code. can you help?
      many thanks marion
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