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  • Sorry, having trying for thirty years, Kane will not let anyone have the service codes or parts. All the other three, Telegan, Testo and TPI have set us up as authorised service companies.

    Needs pressure from Kane owners.
    Many Thanks for the information on the amount of times the boiler fires up and to reduce the time and cycle rate!

    I have a Baxi instant 105E and would very much love to stop the burner coming on so frequently, the TPI may be more modern but i prefer the older version but everything i look at has TPI other than Drayton Digistat and that only lasted me one year.

    How will i alter the time and cycle rate?



    [email protected]
    thanks for the advice, much appreciated, the rads are all hot water temp and flow is great is there any solution to stop pump running on indefinitely, i have fitted trvs to all rads bar one bleed off. i would hope this dosnt put the boiler under any stress, what is the worst case scenario please.
    Thanks for reply re Vokera: I've put the thermostats on the radiators on max and reset and atill no heating-hot water only
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