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19 Jun 2014
30 May 2007
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19 Jun 2014
    1. frenchatheart
      Softycrofty- don't know if you'll get this message, but I've been reading how great your translation of the french wiring book is. We are Canadians just about to take possession of a 50 yr old place inthe south of France. Have always done my own wiring here inCanada,but France sounds a bit different... I have been unable to upload your translation (says the listing is expired). Would appreciate info. Thanks.
    2. dwroberts
      hi can you tell me if your link still works and can you give me the details again and how to download it thanks derek
    3. Bojangle
      Softycrofty Hi Would you be kind enough to advise me how I down load your translation as I seem to be having probs many thanks
    4. fjr1300
      Impressed by the work you've done - Could you tell me how you did it (Software used ..etc)?
      I've a similar book I'd like to translate and want to keep the layouts/pictures/tables, the translation I've done so far makes a 350 Page book turn out as a 756 Page one
      Any tips would be grateful
    5. Applehurst
      Thanks very much I really appreciate all the work you have put in. I do not need a certificate but have been advised that my insurance is probably void. I have also used a Legrand consumer unit but without double pole breakers
    6. Applehurst
      Having used twin and earth to rewire my house in France I realise that I have made a big mistake. I presume that I need to replace all the cable to comply with French regulations. Do you please have an up to date link to your translation. Many thanks.
    7. Coypu
      Back in November 2007 you posted a note re the translation of a french wiring book. Is this still available as a download please?
    8. Jamespatt
      Hi, i am new to this site - I understand that you have done some work in transalating NF C15-150, I am midway thriough a rewire in our french house. May i kindly request a copy of the transalation.


    9. ban-all-sheds
      Are you still with us?
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