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16 Feb 2011
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from Sheffield

Is it an 700/800l control panel ? 8 Apr 2021

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Viewing thread data protection act and fines, 26 Oct 2021 at 10:11 AM
    1. Madziastra
      Good morning, I have found your post from 2016 when you helped someone to default alarm code. We moved in about a year ago and Previous owners said they never used the alarm. I pressed every button yesterday to try to switch it off but unfortunately now we can’t get into garage without activating the alarm. Our alarm is Eurosec CP8L. Can you help?
    2. DIY Dummy
      DIY Dummy
      Hi, I saw in earlier post you had potentially helped someone resetting a C&K securitytech system as tamper alarm has triggered and doesn't have the code. How do you reset the code of C&K securitech system. My tamper alarm has gone off and I don't have the original code with me or manual.
    3. Stephen wassell
      Stephen wassell
      Hi could you please help me how i go about resetting/crashing pironix enforcer so i can get control of engineer menu,trying to add new things to my home system you look like the only man that can do it thank you
    4. alsmoo
      Just wanted to thank you again. Your advice was sound. sincerly a big thank you to from us up here. take it easy.
    5. Hmac87
      Hi sparkymarka
      I hope you can help.
      I set up my enforcer alarm on my own with no previous experience.
      A few things aren’t working correctly.
      When I open the front door when returning home the alarm doesn’t start an audible countdown. If I tell you what I’ve got would you be able to tell me how they should be programmed?
      Thank you so much.
    6. allaround
      could you help me reset a risco group eurosec cp8l?
    7. Smokey2
      Hi. Would you be able to help w/ a Euro 46 pls? It's been working fine but today internal alarm went off & now it's displaying "485/comms lost""please wait...", w/ an amber fault light. All I can do now is hold 'B' & get pixel test, or hold "D" & get request for 'Security code'. None of the codes I know do anything.
      Is there anything I can do to fix this error & return the unit to its former working state?
    8. ross94
      Hi sparkymarka its Ross, I believe we got off on the wrong foot regarding the bellbox question and just want you to know there is no hard feelings. If I post future questions on here I hope there is no beef between us, You have helped me out a lot in the past and feel like I've blown it on here? I hope we are okay? thanks
    9. arobinson1984

      You told me to pm you yesterday for a veritas pre 1999 engineers manual, I'm not sure if I've done it right or not? lol

    10. Martin0806
      Hi mate
      Do you know how to reset the enginner code or bypass it on pyronix euro 46??
    11. Rich_DIY
      Hi Mark, I would be very grateful if you could help me with resetting a Pyronix Castle Euro mini that has no known engineer's access code. I understand that there is a way to reset the NVM on these boards, without using the System Clear from the Engineer's menu.
      Thanks, Rich
    12. spoons
      hi sparky, i cant seem to reset my Scantronic 9751 system it keeps showing K01 Tamper reset no matter how many times i key in my code. the keypad was not tampered with or anything - the mains kept tripping due to an electrical appliance fault which caused alarm to keep going off! i kept resetting each time but am now stuck with this fault.
      any help would be appreciated
    13. Lifeboatboy
      Sparky - subscribed to diynot.com to thank you. You & Europlex just saved me ~£200 by posting how to change a faulty battery on a Scantronic 9651 alarm. Like the chap 3 years ago: £19.50 @ Screwfix for an identical battery, a little bravery when pulling the panel off in 'Installer Mode', and all of a sudden my wife thinks I'm a genius. Not for me to correct her, right? Cheers
    14. Lenovo1986
      Hi Sparky, I have an SL Compact alarm at home I recently turned my mains electricity off when doing some work and when I turned it back on the house alarm started going off. I haven't used the alarm in about 2 years and ive forgotten the code to reset it. Ive had to switch it off at the mains which means my hardwired smoke alarms are switch off too. Not ideal. Can you tell me how to reset if I don't have the code?
    15. BryanLo
      Hi, Can you help me out with resetting the engineer code on my Castle Care Euro 46 alarm system. The installers put this system in 3 years ago and while I do have user and manager codes.
      It is beyond me to understand you buy a product and then it still belongs to the seller/installer. Short of buying a replacement control box I would appreciate some insight into fixing this.
      thanks Bryan
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