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Comments on Profile Post by srhawksy

  1. vulcancontinental
    When do you do the job. Back in the office Thursday
    24 Sep 2017
  2. srhawksy
    The one to go in is NG so no panic, got two lpg boilers to price so will price the evolves. Makes a decent difference in cost.... With ideal you have to buy an LPG gas valve, Worcester vaillant and baxi are more expensive when buying an LPG boiler for some reason...
    25 Sep 2017
  3. vulcancontinental
    Did you get the mails? I didn't realise it was so expensive to convert other brands.
    25 Sep 2017
    srhawksy likes this.
  4. srhawksy
    Hi VC, yes thank you for that. Downloaded onto my phone now
    28 Sep 2017