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    MCB Tripping

    Do keep up, Bongos :roll: ... see post 8... it's like going to the doctors with numerous ailments... the quack only ever listens to the first one! .
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    2391-10 test papers

    Try here: Regards uselessFCUK
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    Just bought a Multimeter - Any good guides online?
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    Lets write a reply!

    Brian England... living in Wales, maybe he's Scottish with an Irish accent. :roll: If he is a Taffy then you can still shoot him with a long-bow if within the walls after midnight :shock:
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    a short circuit ...

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    Picture of the week!™

    This switchroom with a 'damp problem'... does it actually have a roof? :shock:
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    wiring diagram for heating

    Search this forum for S Plan in Central Heating section. Regards UF
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    Megger caused motor to explode!

    You'll have to translate... it doesn't seem to start with Useless.... !
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    Megger caused motor to explode!

    I thought it was twice operating voltage to earth therefore 500v for IR test. You won't get 415v to earth. :shock: I'll ask about that.
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    How some people live!!

    OMG... where were you? :shock: Wales? Had the couple been there from first build? Didn't you feel sorry for them and o££er to give them the luxury of a permanent socket in every room?
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    What size vent?

    ... and your valued input, please :lol: :roll: Thanks in advance of your exceptional knowledge. UF
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    What size vent?

    :?: Please, tell me more... :? Depends on Free-flow air volume of vents?
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    What size vent?

    Hi guys House we've moved in to had a conservatory built over the existing vent four years ago! :shock: We have a Potterton Housewarmer BBU and firefront. What size vent would I need to fit into the conservatory dwarf wall to comply with legislation, please? Segment from Potterton...
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    Green CH pipes - sign of what?

    Our CH pipes are set in the concrete floor. Taken up vinyl and carpet. Does the green indicate anything to worry about? Regards UF
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    Is this a common sight?

    BUMP. BUMP. Ok... wait for it, wait for it... splurge your population paste over this one! :roll: Anyone spot a missing seal? Regards UF
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    Black liquid on electricity mains pipe

    similar topic
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    Is this a common sight?

    Just to follow up on this tar issue: We were due to go partying on Saturday night, first time since we moved in really, I could smell that pungent whiff. At the time my little lad was in the shower (8kw) and missus tarting herself up (hairdryer 1800w). There was an audible crackling at this...
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    Pictures from the site I was working at this week

    Great pics... Belt driven Bitzers (or APV Hall) 6-cyl recips? Of course, crankcase heaters... Worked on loads of Bitzers, direct driven, usually 4-cyl recips with a 22kw motor bolted on. Those were the days... along with the ammonia screws... What temp are these fruit stores at...