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  1. towellsi

    Help - emulsion paint on tiled floor

    ive got the perfect solution and i swear by them. industrial wipes or gorrila wipes you get from a builers mechant. i used to get customers that couldnt remove marks or stains with ciff and other strong products but i used the industrial wipes and they work a treat, and they wont harm you tiles...
  2. towellsi

    help!! emulsion paint on carpet

    i swear by the industrial wipes, or gorrila wipes. they get rid of anything.
  3. towellsi

    emulsion Paint patches on ceilingu

    i personaly wouldnt wash the ceiling with suger soap unless it was a kitchen ceiling that would be greasy, get a pole sander and sand it down with a fine paper thats if it a smooth ceiling. if it a smooth flat ceiling and its quite a big area try not to roll the ceiling length ways, do it width...