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    Texecom Veritas Excel HELP

    if you’re going to have to run a new cable anyway, you’ve nothing to lose other than some cable.
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    Texecom Veritas Excel HELP

    Is it clipped or could you try using the existing cable to pull a new one through ?
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    TRV Identification

    The BOSS brand is exclusive to BSS / PTS merchants
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    Leaking JG speed fit elbow

    The main reasons for a weep / leak on the copper side of the fitting would likely be. ”O” ring damaged, perhaps “nicked” when copper tube was pushed into the fitting. Can happen if pipe cut with hacksaw. ”O” ring sitting on area of damaged copper tube, dent, scratch, solder etc. ”O” ring has...
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    Leaking JG speed fit elbow

    Replace the fitting, make sure the copper pipe has been cut with a pipe slice or similar that puts a bevel on the end of the tube (square cuts with a hacksaw can leave sharp burrs that can damage the “O” ring and cause leaks) make sure there is no damage to the copper where the “O” ring sits...
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    My prized VHS videos need transferring to DVDs.

    Agreed, I transferred my tapes to DVD first, because “it worked”, i tried a few VHS to USB captures devices with varying results. The tapes are now long gone and the memories are on DVD and SSD.
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    My prized VHS videos need transferring to DVDs.

    Once you’ve got the tape in digital format on a DVD there is a lot of editing software available that you do on your PC / laptop and save to SSD / HDD etc. Its getting it transferred to a digital format that’s key.
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    My prized VHS videos need transferring to DVDs.

    I bought a Panasonic VHS to DVD recorder all in one off eBay, transferred all my home videos onto DVD then sold the machine on eBay for more than I paid for it.
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    where do I find the doorbell transformer?

    Is the existing bell push wired ? If not, it may have been a wireless bell where it is battery operated and the “chime” can be moved around the house without connecting wires.
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    Texecom Veritas

    I take it you have a keypad downstairs as well, make sure the DIP switches are set to different addresses from each other. This applies to the Veritas Excel, not sure what panel you have
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    Slow draining Bathtub

    Obvious, but have you got a sufficient, continuous fall on the waste pipe
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    What 15mm isolators under sink?

    Agree with Terryplumb, Pegler of similar, the cheap ones often leak from the screw
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    Correctly capping cold feed

    Personally I would have fitted a quality isolating valve (Pegler or similar) to make things easier should it need to be reinstated, with a short length of copper pipe and a stop end, I don’t trust some of the unbranded, cheap ball-o-fix valves. I know it’s a bit “belt & braces” but better safe...
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    Failing Polyplumb fittings

    Almost certainly an installer error, Polyplumb fittings are “O” ring first / grab ring second, that means when the pipe is inserted it passes through the “O” ring first before passing through the grab ring. If the pipe isn’t fully inserted it can hold on the “O” ring for some time before...
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    Compression fitting on plastic pipe

    Compression fittings are fine on plastic pipe, always use an insert (stiffener), best to use a copper olive rather than brass and don’t use any jointing paste
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    Compression fitting on plastic pipe

    I think Terryplumb meant at the other end of the pipe, not th WM valve.
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    Compression fitting on plastic pipe

    Did you use an insert in the plastic pipe before tightening up the compression fitting ?
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    Frozen condensate pipe

    Ideally the 22mm plastic condensate pipe work should be connected internally (soil stack, sink waste pipe etc), if not possible then externally it should be increased to 32mm and insulated to discharge into a gully or suitably constructed soak away. The HHIC states that: ‘When fitting a new or...
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    Leaks where waste pipes connect to soil stack

    Yes, but are they fitted into a bossed pipe or a strap on boss. If a strap on boss it should be installed with gap sealing adhesive to completely seal the strap to the soil pipe.