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    Small amount of water getting through brick in garage

    Hi all, I have a single skin attached brick garage. The bricks are not engineering and I believe are called Tudor bricks. After prolonged rainfall I get damp across the foot of one exposed wall. It never puddles, it's just damp and I believe it is permiating through the poruous brick. It is...
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    BT socket in the way

    Thanks for the help guys, leaving it where it is is impossible as it is right in the middle of where a doorway is going to be. I think the idea of some light excavation and moving the point one way or the other by a few feet sounds plausable. The other option is to go on to Virgin and make it a...
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    BT socket in the way

    Hi folks, Hope there is someone out there who can help. I live in a mid 80's semi and the main BT line comes in underground and the first I see of it is behind a master socket in the hall. The incoming wire for it dissappears into the plaster/wall. Im planning a porch/downstairs wc extension...
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    Will this divertor kit fit this boiler? (Baxi 105 Instant e)

    Hi folks, been a while since Ive been on here but still keeping busy. Quick question, Im faced with a Baxi 105 Instant e that is leaking from the diverotr spindle (that sits under the clip on motor) Ive fitted a number of these kits to Glowworms, Saunier Duvals, and Ideals- The...
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    Best Quality Rads??

    Myson for me..........much better finish and packaged much better. With Stelrads it's a lottery if they make it to your job scratch and dent free. Fot budget radiators the new Centerbrand (plumbcenter) rads are good.
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    Choose 1 out of the 3!

    Baxi........same heat ex as the vaillaint, better pump than the vaillant, and brass bodies on the manifolds rather than plastic stuff that pin holes. Also no crap hoses with jubiliees that spring leaks. Should it go wrong, heat team are far superior than Vaillants after sales care. The...
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    900mm Flexihose 10mm bore

    It will work fine on a combi, be useless on a gravity fed system.
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    How do I fix this leaking central heating drain point?

    If your fairly confident and competent, then just unscrew the whole drain valve and change it for another or any other 1/2 threaded valve you choose. No need to drain, just be quick!! and put a towel underneath.
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    The question has to asked, who moved a 26year old boiler that was condemned 5 weeks later 5 feet only a few weeks ago?
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    Advice needed on new Central Heating System

    A correctly installed 10mm system is far superior and efficient than 15mm.....go for it!
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    Vokera Compact 24 Combi - very low DHW pressure - help!!!

    This is a common problem on the Compact. I have come across this once and never got to the bottom of it (forunatly the boiler was being replaced for an unvented system) but it was just as you describe, very poor heating flow. I had the boiler stripped looking for a blockage but never found one...
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    Baxi boiler problems

    Yes, stop using cheap ebay parts, get genuine parts and get them fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. Deep pockets and short arms springs to mind............ Ho Ho Ho.
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    Baxi EcoGen

    I know of a household in Blackpool-Lancs where the Baxi EcoGen has been on field trial now for 2 years. Only one failure of the unit to report and that was a flame detection probe. Brilliant piece of kit.
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    2 flexi connections from meter

    Wrong! Any pipework used for the carriage of gas that is not suitable is only AR, providing it is not leaking. Yu could find hoselock pipe and fittings running to a gas fire and providing it was tight it would still only be AR
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    2 flexi connections from meter

    Can only be ID if its leaking, what ever it is.
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    One for the Baxi boys.......

    Platinum 33HE with intermittant E131 code. Code not in the destructions. It is under Warrenty ( I installed new system about 3 weeks ago) but the house is currently empty and being renovated so someone is not always there to let anyone in. I will get heat team out soon but just curious as...
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    Fixing Heavy Rad to Celcon Block can screw straight into it. As well as its lightweight and thermal properties, it was speced as the manufacturers stated it could be screwed straight into, thus reducing build costs. It works too!!
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    Does copper pipe have any value ?

    a few quid but it aint going to pay your mortgage!
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    Frozen Internal Stop Cock and Buried external Stop Cock

    We can also work on common sense. The UK ( especially Berkshire) has not yet had a ground frost or temperatures capable of freezing a stop tap!!