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  1. adamsheating

    Back upvc door and securit locks.

    Someone give crank39 a gold star!!! Brilliant! Thank you mate, that is exactly what I was looking for. Will get one for my front door now as it looks like it could be quite secure!
  2. adamsheating

    Back upvc door and securit locks.

    Hi everyone. My first post in this part of the forum, go easy on me! I've just replaced a euro cylinder In my back door and it had an extra device that meant I needed to take the handle off and then undo an Allen key bolt that was holding two further pieces of aluminium around the cylinder...
  3. adamsheating

    Name that Boiler

    it would only cost £50 to get an RGI out to the property to identify it for you and you would get all the information you need. Best 2 minutes work of the day.
  4. adamsheating

    Decking and damp proof course

    My DPC is almost at ground level, (3 year old house if that means anything). I want to fit my decking door height and anchor it to the wall. If I fit my decking to door height it will be well above the DPC (7" to be exact). Will having a ledger and spacing it over 10mm away from the wall be...
  5. adamsheating

    7.9m wide decking and jointing?

    I can certainly leave the patio in place, it is just about level enough to work with!
  6. adamsheating

    7.9m wide decking and jointing?

    Hi all, my first post in the gardening section so go easy on me... :lol: Just looking to deck over my existing patio, that is quite honestly a shambles. Whoever installed it should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. It is directly out of the back of the house and spans the full length...
  7. adamsheating

    Flexible flue - is this as complete a bodge as I think it is

    My point being that by venting the flue into the loft only it would be capped every time an inspection is done, assuming the RGI looks in loft of course! Hope you get it sorted like, as any issues that do occur, it ends up with your head on the chopping block should it come to it and no one...
  8. adamsheating

    3 rads heating up with hot water

    Do the pipes on the radiators get hot In The same direction in both cases? Sometimes depending on how the system was piped you could could get back flow on some of the radiators. It could be sorted out by an appropriately fitted NRV.
  9. adamsheating

    Flexible flue - is this as complete a bodge as I think it is

    The situation if not signed off and accepted as ID would be escalated to the local provider who would then have to use the rights of entry regs. This would be based on our decision whilst on site, obviously your decision to refuse...
  10. adamsheating

    ideal combi logic 30, HW ok but no heating, no errors

    Stupid one, but have you check all the valves are fully open? Is the flow pipe getting warm? Have you linked out the stat to make sure it's not that at fault? Blocked filter on return nearby?
  11. adamsheating

    which is best...

    I've prefer hep2o on professional opinion, but JG is easier to take apart.
  12. adamsheating

    Does flue comply with regs ? (I have changed thread title)

    Carbon monoxide detector has gone off, so you have the appliance inspected and it is turned off. Get the Bg supervisor to drop in and have a look or Get another independent guy in (paid of course) to reconnect and retest and see what he gets, but BG are usually pretty spot on, not all the time...
  13. adamsheating

    Radiators getting really hot even though turned off.

    The valves will be broken, so not closing properly. Drain and swap affected valves. Make sure you are actually closing the valves first though.
  14. adamsheating

    can anyone help determine why a radiator isn't working pleas

    Turn all other radiators off other than the one in question. If that one gets hot, with the boiler on you need to balance the system. Easy to do, just google balancing radiators.
  15. adamsheating

    Yo, I can email you these Glowworm details that a chap from group service sent me if you like?

    Yo, I can email you these Glowworm details that a chap from group service sent me if you like?
  16. adamsheating

    becoming gas safe in 2 years

    Nothing will beat real world experience. Having lessons in the classroom on a predetermined jig does not prepare you for fitting boilers in lofts on a summers day, or gas leaks that are 4mb on certain gas meters, or tracing a leak only to find it is under 2' of concrete. Water - probably...
  17. adamsheating

    Pricing/Charges etc

    I will send all my blocked sh7tters to you then RF if that how you play it! Remind me never to shake your hand.
  18. adamsheating

    Ideal Icos DIY PCB Replacement?

    Talk about joe-90, should be joe-180, going back and retracting all his ridiculous statements. Sent that "vacuum operated one on an Icos" into FHM.
  19. adamsheating

    Ideal Icos DIY PCB Replacement?

    Yeah, a half decent RGI should leave some paperwork / service sheet.
  20. adamsheating

    Ideal Icos DIY PCB Replacement?

    Ideally after changing any part in an appliance the safety and integrity of the boiler should be checked in line with gas regulations 26.9. This is not to say you can't change the pcb, it is just commenting on how safe you feel you have left the appliance. The instructions do specifically...