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    Removing felt roof

    i intent to remove a torch on felt roof if theres any felt torched onto the wooden base. stuck on. apart from heat are there any other ways to remove the stuck on bits
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    flat roof spec

    i have a dormer roof approx 12m and would like it re-roofed with 3 ply torch on this seems a good idea in my location as there are good local tradesmen with experiance of ths material what would be a suitable capping as i want to go for a longer lasting solution or are there now better...
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    electricity in pond

    i have a multi meter and i put the two probes in the water about 25mm apart i put it on ac as well but didnt get a reading
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    electricity in pond

    i put my hand in my pond and got a tingle [250mV dc] the only electrics on the pond is a live cable going to another pond has anyone got an explantion for this
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    Flat roof

    it was mentioned here that a flat roof should have a 3 degree fall as this lets the weight of water fall under gravity i plan to get my dormer roof re-roofed .should i ask for this or is it unnecessary
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    bms panel

    need to get to grips with bms panel any good articles or books worth reading all aspects other than building its more an understanding
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    dormer bungalow

    is there a noise issue with fibre glass
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    dormer bungalow

    i bet this has been done to death here but hey ho advice sought from roofers as to the best material to re roof my 6m x 3m flat roof im 63 would like it to last my life time still working and in a position to pay for better stuff so lets not talk corner cutting at least to start with a lot of...
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    hot cwst

    no immersions and heating source completly seperate so pin hole not possable
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    hot cwst

    temp in cwst is 52oC its approx 20m above calorifier calorifier apprx 10 000 litre cwst approx 8000 litre pipe size 50mm no open vent could the heat in the cwst be a result of circulation within the supply pipe theres secondary returns and de strat pumps
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    Victoria plumb thermostatic shower

    a customer has asked if theres anywhere that does spares for the above showers i dont have any further info as i was actually servicing the boiler and had been told victoria plumb dont offer spares i dont really want to get involved as these have trouble written all over them
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    power shower

    went to a triton as 2000 power shower its top entry and had it prob pump gone what top entry power shower are available pretty
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    aerial not working

    im in eastleigh
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    aerial not working

    this morning my aerial isnt working its a roof one and we have snow so any work can wait but i thought i would ask is there any way to carry out any tests to locate the fault rather simple stuff as i dont normally do this type of thing is it easier to just buy a new 50m drum of aerial cable if...
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    from billybob hi mario could iget those baxi pdf,s please email is [email protected]

    from billybob hi mario could iget those baxi pdf,s please email is [email protected]
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    new shower model recommendation

    customer has a mira advance atl shower the internal components pack up annually flow valve main culprit its now out of warrantee and has broken down yet again the main sticking point is that this is a beab approved shower and the lady has a very disabled son for whom this is intended are there...
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    looking for particular shower head

    wasn't quite the one just pumps but I did find one that suited me thanks
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    looking for particular shower head

    wasn,t that one but I might check it out
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    looking for particular shower head

    no sorry I cant I think it was circa £60-70
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    looking for particular shower head

    about a year ago I saw advertised a shower head that said it was water saving as it entrained air in the water droplets therby saving water and giving the water a softer airated feel at the time I presumed it was like a champagne airater however now I might like one I cant remember the makers...