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    resistance and temperature

    Thank you for the comments Bernard you mention an auxiliary item that could be causing the 200Ω resistance when hot. I left the meter connected as it cooled down and it very slowly started to go down back to the 30Ω range. At JohnW2 Yes it took about 2:30 minutes to warm up , then off for...
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    resistance and temperature

    Thank you, Re the voltage. Yes its 239V PF of 1
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    resistance and temperature

    Curious about the cost of running appliances. I understand the basic kWh rating to get an idea But have been playing around with a plug in small oven. Its rated at 1300 watts, but uses 1400w according to my plug in energy monitor It draws about 5.8 Amps I measured the resistance between live and...
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    Energy usage

    Hard to say I understand. But....3 bed house, gas heating and water. four people. LED lighting throughout. No EV or large loads. 'Normal use' Average Electric use is 500kWh per month. Would that seem a typical usage?
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    Basic three phase questions.

    I have some basic three phase question, if someone could help with please. I have left power factor a 1 for simplicity. If I have a 63A three phase and neutral BS 60390 socket - I presume that means it can carry 63A per phase so 189A.? But because of the displacement of the windings, you would...
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    Dual tariff Immersion on economy 7

    Hello. What is the best way to control an immersion that has two elements with an economy 7 tarriff The bottom element is on the off peak supply The top element is on the peak supply. Both are controlled by a simple switch. Is it just best to leave the off peak switched on all the time, and...