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  1. J

    Engineer Replaced Parts On Potterton - Still Faulty - SOS

    Sounds to me like the low rate burner pressure is too low :wink:
  2. J

    Boiler Noise

    Sounds like it could be the alternator. Have you checked the voltage drop with the boiler running?
  3. J

    Noisy Grundfoss 15-60 Central Heating Pump

    You won't be able to strip it without taking it off, don't know if replacing the bearings is possible. Best to just replace it. Can get them at all plumbing places. If you're fitting it yourself just drain the whole system to be on the safe side.
  4. J

    New boiler time...

    I can't believe the amount of lies and libel being chatted above. If you don't know for sure about British Gas i'd keep quiet, as I could prove a lot of stuff said above wrong if I had the time.
  5. J

    radiator stuck on

    You need a new thermostatic radiator valve head
  6. J

    lovely fire!! not!

    On the plus side i bet it heated the room in a matter of seconds
  7. J

    Baxi 105e no warning lights... no heat!!!!

    I'd double check that the pump is running with CH demand and that the flow from the boiler isn't blocked.
  8. J

    Fan Lube

    It's LaCo oil
  9. J

    low pressure and leak c/h boiler

    I'm guessing the filling loop was left open/expansion vessel flat to cause the pressure to rise and activate the safety PRV. So now you need the PRV cleaned/changed + the expansion vessel repressurising.
  10. J

    Hot Water cutting out on combi boiler

    Because it's doing someone out of a job? That and the fact there could be a number of things wrong.
  11. J

    Baxi platinum pressure keeps dropping off

    It would be dripping yes but sometimes it's at a rate you don't notice. The pressure not going up anymore could be the expansion vessel being flat or could possibly be a blockage. I'd start with recharging the vessel to 1 bar.
  12. J

    Baxi platinum pressure keeps dropping off

    I'd start with changing the PRV and repressurising the expansion vessel, as the pressure has possibly gone above 3 bar at some point activating the valve... and once it's been opened it won't seal properly until it's been cleaned/swapped.
  13. J

    Humming from boiler

    Either the gas valve or fan. Most likely the gas valve, as long as it works fine might as well leave it.