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    Central Heating Failed

    As others have said, the system defo needs cleaning! From the sound of it the old pump might have sheared the shaft/spindle (have had a number of these pumps go that way) but if you've swapped them over you could try stripping it down and checking. Trouble with just checking the spindle through...
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    Going from storage heaters to electric radiators

    Modern storage heaters do have better control to retain heat until the evening. On-peak electric heating is more expensive: 1kW at 12p/kWh or whatever is still more expensive than off-peak even with the losses during the day, no matter how you dress it up. On peak electric heating is only good...
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    FE tank overflowing

    Circulating water through the tank introduces oxygen into the water = corrosion = leaks eventually. F&E tank lower than the cold water tank? Sometimes an overflowing tank is a sign of a leak in the coil of the cylinder. Is the F&E tank correctly sized for the heating system? If the system has...
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    Water running even when stop cock turned off???

    My house is in a terrace of 6. The original water supply runs from a single stopcock in the road down the side passage then under the back kitchen extensions of the houses with the house stopcocks in the kitchens. If yours is similar you could be getting noise transmission from other houses...
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    vent in a boiler cupboard

    Assuming it's a balanced flue boiler why not use a louvred door? All you are doing is preventing the buildup of heat in the cupboard. Alternatively mount the door on extended hinges so there is about an inch gap behind it top and bottom which would let out any heat.
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    Air rushing round hot water/heating system HELP :-)

    Heating pump cavitation? what is the static head at the pump? Is the pump on too high a speed?
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    Vaillant Ecotec Plus 428 Help Required

    What's the system pressure? Excess pressure as the system heats up shutting down boiler? Could be failure of expansion vessel.
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    central heating pressure heat bank system

    Without seeing a layout for the system could be several things: 1) lack of pressure/air lock (your plumber should have checked this first if he's any good) 2) pump shaft sheared: some makes of pump have ceramic innards which have been known to shear, pump looks like it's rotating but no...