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    Hello all, I'm in a quandary and would appreciate some advice before shelling out loads of money.... I have decided to install a power shower but the plumbing in my flat is causing me to delay ordering the necessary mixer & pump. I hope you can help me. I've checked the previous postings and...
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    Electric Shower Question

    Hello there, Can anyone tell me the relative noise levels of a pumped versus an unpumped electric shower? Thanks.
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    Connecting Shower inlet to Hep20 / Plastic

    Downstairs flat had a plastic pushfit elbow let go on their recently installed shower. The flat being empty at the time, the water gushed out for approx two hours and to make matters worse, the occupant of the flat beneath it was away for the weekend! Between the carpets in the leaky flat and...
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    Tumble Dryer In The Bathroom??

    Thanks, everyone for your advice. To answer some of your questions:- 1) I'm considering putting the appliance in the bathroom because there's no room in the kitchen. 2) My bathroom is quite small so the front of the appliance would be 800 mm from the edge of the bath, the flex outlet...
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    Tumble Dryer In The Bathroom??

    Hello there, I am about to remodel my bathroom and would like to site the washing machine in there if I could. My questions are:- 1) Is it ok to site an appliance in the bathroom at all 2) If it is ok, must I use a fused connection unit or can I use an outdoor-spec socket 3) I would...
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    Kitchen worktop cutting/fitting costs

    I had an L-shaped worktop replaced. The fitter removed the old one, unplumbed the sink, put in a new oven housing, cut holes for sink and hob and did one of the fancy mitres. Remarkable neat job. Took him most of the day and cost me £200.
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    tiling over old tile glue

    I've just been through a similar problem with my kitchen. What I did was:- 1) Remove as much of the loose old adhesive and paper fragments as possible. 2) Seal the entire area with a 1:5 PVA Water mix. Allow it to soak in and dry. If you do not dilute the PVA so much it won't soak in properly...
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    1 Cooker Connector & 2 Cables - How???

    Hello there, I got an electrician to fit a cooker switch and connection box in advance of me fitting a new kitchen. He also connected a couple of feet of cable to both the hob & oven. However, when I tried to connect the two appliances' wires into the wall-mounted connection unit, I found it...