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    Wall design for outbuilding

    Hello all :) Never built anything big before. I'm want to build a masonry 15m2 outbuilding as a gym. I want to use the building all year round and I can imagine a lot of body heat being generated. I plan to have an electric heater too for winter. I have two wall designs I would appreciate...
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    Concrete outbuilding foundations

    Thank you for the reply. I've made the assumption I'm on chalk. I'm pretty sure I will need a pick to excavate given the local area. I will dig a few test holes.
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    Concrete outbuilding foundations

    I'm building a 5x3m 2.5m high single skin concrete outbuilding. It will act as a gym. I'm looking for advise with the foundations. Based on Structure: Approved Document A the width of the footing is advised to a be a minimum width of 250mm and depth of the excavation 450mm based on my wall and...