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  1. nwgs

    I take it all back

    It’s not, it’s minted him
  2. nwgs

    Bad customers

    Or waste time chasing a few quid ? **** happens
  3. nwgs

    Ideal Logic L2 then F2

    Just taking the front of breaks the combustion seal. But you know that
  4. nwgs


  5. nwgs

    Ideal logic Heat15 issue

    Oh dear me
  6. nwgs

    Chelsea! Chelsea!

    @MoD stop Muffy from posting this rubbish please
  7. nwgs

    BBC can’t be real can it!

    Putin has cured covid though.
  8. nwgs

    The Mighty Trump

    Given your location Muffy, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Cousin uncle could pass it
  9. nwgs

    Vitamin C / D

    I take Vit D everyday for as you say lack of sunlight. I think it definitely helps fend off colds etc. And a I take a multivitamin too. And zinc
  10. nwgs

    What brings a tear to your eye when you laugh?

    The CC. I’ll miss it :LOL::whistle:
  11. nwgs

    Open forum it is then

    Mean while back in the CC things aren’t as free as was once the case. What’s the open forums views on Jab V Not ??
  12. nwgs

    Baxi Duo Tec 28 issue

    You being the absolute top one. A pump fixed it :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  13. nwgs

    Baxi Duo Tec 28 issue

    That’s a magic pump if it’s managed to fix the problem you described
  14. nwgs

    Baxi Duo Tec 28 issue

    I’d get a decent gas engineer round.
  15. nwgs

    Rip-off or great value?

    £60 p/h in most areas. Installs are more. Simple maths really
  16. nwgs

    Rip-off or great value?

    Do IT contractors have a lot of overheads ? No, they don’t. People are always jealous of gas engineers. It’s a cross we have to bear. Basically we are worth every penny But please carry on giving advise on jobs you can’t do or haven’t seen.
  17. nwgs

    Glow worm beta on 30oc

    Hot water ntc is faulty
  18. nwgs

    Opentherm with S Plan System

    You can do it with evohome. You need the OT bridge to. It’s not the cheapest system though
  19. nwgs

    Combi boiler ideal logic

    I’d be taking ideal to task over their FPR
  20. nwgs

    Combi boiler ideal logic

    Blocked hex or faulty spark generator. I wouldn’t rule out the spark gen unless it’s new. If the gas valve is opening and the spark is correct as @gas112 says condensate can stop it, but pull the pipe off the trap and that can be ruled out. After that as @ianmcd says blocked hex. But in all...