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    How to get into BIOS Compaq Presario

    Ha forgive me on that one. I was tired off a night shift. I meant the command prompt.
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    do you know if there are any virtual breadboard simulators?

    I use Multisim as well as Automation Studio ansd PCB Wizard for work. Unless you want to port SS with electronics
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    Home Security - Signage and lighting

    What is your aim for the lights? Brightness? Distance? Angle? You can get brighter lights at more intense angles and vice versa so depends on what you need them for but I can suggest a few types. Again not in Canada though so I dont know how helpful I can be but I can suggest what bulb...
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    How to get into BIOS Compaq Presario

    have you tried going through the DOS and resetting the powercfg through there? Run cmd.exe as administrator and input [code:1]powercfg -restoredefaultschemes[/code:1] Let me know if you have any changes on this? A LOT of laptops suffer from this as there is actually two types of sleep...
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    Norton 360 21.0 - 3 Computers, 1 Year (PC) 2014

    I always recommend Avast! It has one of the highest ratings going especially in regards to PC security. If you want some information on this I can supply some hard data but I have used Avast for years and never had an issue. It can be a bit of a CPU hog at times but not as much as Norton.
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    Custom Deck - Joist Requirements

    I presume that does not include hand rails etc? We have presumed PP wont be an issue as a conservatory has already been installed and its privately owned and I have let them know about this. Thank you. EDIT: Tell a lie, I changed the design to knock out the step it is covering so it does...
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    Custom Deck - Joist Requirements

    Hello, just joined, I have a decking I am building for someone and trying to keep it low budget but obviously I need it to hold a decent amount of weight. The decking is slightly raised to cover some existing patio steps that are alongside a conservatory and have a patio flooring. I have...
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