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    MI's wanted

    hello all, im after a copy of MI's for a Trianco contractor 110 combi oil fired boiler, standard efficency, anyone know where i might find this? Ive had a look online and can only seem to find the HE version. cheers Chris
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    Compression fittings.

    You said 'any metal to metal joint needs a joint paste' so, no it doesn't. In your big headed opinion it does but if it doesn't leak then happy days, if it does leak then do something about it. Your X amount of years in the trade obviously doesn't make you the expert you think it does, get...
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    Compression fittings.

    Eh? Thats funny, on all the back boilers I service over the years with a union connection to the gas valve, never once have I seen one with paste on the union joint, and they are obviously gas tight. :roll:
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    Dear Admin

    I also get a lot of 'repeat business' and it has nothing to do with not doing the job right the first time or getting it wrong, quite the opposite. If the customer is pleased with our work then they keep our number and when they need some more gas / plumbing work doing they give us a call...
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    nvidia graphics card problem

    Yes, laptop is reassembled with card in place, i dont think I will attempt this myself,maybe sending off to toshiba might be my best option, dont fancy pc worlds suggestion saying to buy a new laptop, especially when it came from them in the first place...many thanks for you help. Chris
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    nvidia graphics card problem

    The full model no. is P100-429 18K026EN.
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    nvidia graphics card problem

    Hi people, I have a toshiba satellite p100 laptop, about 6 years old, with a problem. Originally the monitor started flashing off to a black screen about every 45 seconds but when I restarted the computer I then got black screen all the time, with nothing, no messages, boot info, no nothing...
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    Manufacturers instructions anyone?

    Would anyone have a copy of manufacturers instructions for a Trojan Turco 50 / 90 boiler house oil boiler, I doubt it but its worth a try... Thanks Chris
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    Pipe freezing spray

    You can lose a hell of a lot of water by cutting into live heating pipes, if you live on a farm with old stone floors then go for it but if you have carpets then I would be using a bung kit if its open vent. Or failing that just drain it down, only take a few minutes, save a lot of mess...
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    Talking about olives, a lot of the brass ones are total shyte, If you fit a worcester gas boiler and try and make the olive joint where your 22's go into the boiler, the olives do not grip to the pipe, doesnt matter what size wrench you use..! So I always chuck away the crap brass olives and...
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    newly qualified advice

    Didnt say no problem and didnt say it'll be cushty, it'll obviously be hard graft,but then most things are if you want to get anywhere, and what would you suggest he trains in? all trades and jobs are suffering at the moment so if he's made his mind up he may as well go for something he really...
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    newly qualified advice

    What is it with you? Why will they all be failures? Some may fail but they won't all fail, if they want it bad enough they will find a way. I reckon you feel threatened by the youngsters coming up to take your place, why be so negative? Who do you think is going to take the place of the likes...
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    Yep it's a bit of an art making fudge and its depends what consistency you want it as to how much you heat it. Generally the more you heat it the harder it gets as it starts to turn to toffee. I tried a thermometer but couldn't get on with it so I use the test where you drop a bit of the mixture...
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    Guess the Band/Album

    Issac Hayes
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    Guess the Band/Album

    Spot on, your go :)
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    Guess the Band/Album

    Raunchy shooters
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    Guess the Band/Album

    Phil collins
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    How to open Baxi Fire front?

    C5, you pull off the brown access panel at the bottom, there will be a screw in each corner holding the firefront to the fire, remove these and pull the fire control knob off from the top. The firefront should then lift off, but beware if you have any little un's running around, that area will...
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    the combi boiler explodes, and the plasterer dies

    Worcester Ri Mi's do state that 'generally a bypass is not nesessary on a Y plan system as one of the ports is open to flow'. Just some common sense required I think. :) Chris
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    ID this Baxi?

    :D :D