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    Family History

    Harry, I would guess property in New york would not come cheap but it's the fact that the solicitors screwed up, If we can do it as amateurs you would think they would, sort of fits with getting a survey and all the backside covering they do to avoid comebacks, anyway back on thread, Our...
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    Family History

    An aunt who is into research contacted me a few years ago saying that we may come ito some money from a relative, it transpired that a Gt aunt had moved to Canada about 1919 and did well for herself and husband, as yet i do not know if the husband died but she ended up in New York where she died...
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    Family History

    Do a check on freebmd and see what comes up eg registration district etc.
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    Family History

    Been doing mine on and off for 20 year and back to 1695 in Norfolk, Cannot agree more about Ancestry hints though, years ago i sent a draft to a relative pointing out that not all leads have been researched and not to publish until i could confirm, yep you all know what happened he stuck it up...
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    Unvented cylinder constantly dripping (Ed.)

    Sorry not a plumber but watch it doesn't freeze in this weather where it exits the house.
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    Pumping station advice

    This is what you call a pumping station.
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    Inline fan insulation Question

    I had something similar although not dripping back out the vent when you turned the fan on you could hear the blades hitting water, covered all the rigid pipe up and no problem since so guess was condensing in the pipe due to the cold loft.
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    Painting a stained door

    Ok will keep an eye on it but i have found you have to be quick with it anyway.
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    Painting a stained door

    Thanks opps, From what you say i will use the Cover Stain as i already have it. P
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    Painting a stained door

    I have a glass panelled door that i stained years ago with a spirit based stain ad left it unvarnished as we liked the matt look, I would now like to paint with a Crown trade oil based that we had mixed to match the other doors and to be on the safe side should i use some Cover Stain first after...
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    Master socket 5c and mk4 faceplate problems

    Joe, Thanks for the polarity check, i will get another faceplate and see what happens and let you know.
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    Master socket 5c and mk4 faceplate problems

    Dave, The picture shows the rear part that the faceplate plugs into and is filtered.
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    Master socket 5c and mk4 faceplate problems

    Just fitted the above to do away with filters on phone and router along with a noisy phone line neither of which worked out as expected, Still have the noise on phone but not at test socket so that must be internal wiring although nothing has been touched but sometimes now when using the phone...
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    Sony Bravia power up

    Cheers guys, Will pop the back off in the week and take a look and fingers crossed may have a cap at the correct spec.
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    Sony Bravia power up

    Model kdl32v 4000 When attempting to turn on from off rather than standby you have to push the button 3 or 4 times for the green light to come on, I have tried all the disconnect from mains and reset along with disconnecting sky box and disc player ideas but it makes no difference so could it be...
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    I needed to fix the jet wash

    Nice but you may find it all moves about when sawing something in the vice, Perhaps fix to shed frame.
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    Merry Christmas diynot.comers

    Merry Christmas and a safe new year to all, Now where's the g and t.
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    Rechargeable Battery For Clock

    Funny that as some of the Grandkids toys will not work on rechargables but are fine on say Lidl double a's.
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    Not Another....

    How many more of the poor little mites must die before something is done? I am sick of hearing lessons will be learned because they plainly are not.
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    Which master socket wires to use?

    I too am not fitting one of these but would the terminals on the rear of faceplate for BB be filtered as i would not like to wire from this connection to router with some cat5 rather than the manky old wire that is fitted at the moment and is untwisted.