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  1. hardmetalking

    Very low pitch (1 degree) & zinc

    You can install zinc or lead on that pitch but you will get a lot of standing water. 3 degrees is the magic number water droplets lose surface tension and run off occurs. Surface water isn’t a problem but dust and debris will blow onto it and stick, then when the sun dries it out you’re left...
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    VM Quartz zinc
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    VM Quartz zinc
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    KME copper standing seam roof
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    Copper planter
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    Corten capping and cladding
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    VM pigmento brown zinc standing seam
  12. hardmetalking

    Lusso stone

    Does anyone have any experience with Lusso stone shower trays? In particular the shower waste. I’ve had it fitted 3 times by 3 different plumbers and it still leaks. Lusso stone say it’s a regular product that they sell in the 100’s but it’s a very poor design. Help needed and cash waiting!
  13. hardmetalking

    Repair or replace zinc flat roof

    Zinc should last a few hundred years. The problems occur with poor installation usually poor design or build up issues. It always makes me laugh when people say zinc isn't used anymore.... I've been installing zinc everyday for the past 20 years! I'd be happy to quote for either repair or...
  14. hardmetalking

    Flat Roof Bungalow/Low pitch

    Zinc is the answer......
  15. hardmetalking

    Large flat roof. Best covering options?

    Zinc requires a 3 degree fall not 5.
  16. VM Quartz zinc

    VM Quartz zinc

    low pitch roof under thatch
  17. VM Quartz zinc

    VM Quartz zinc

    New build, Cambridge
  18. VM Natural zinc

    VM Natural zinc

    Low pitch extension connected to main house.
  19. VM Quartz zinc

    VM Quartz zinc

    New extension