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    Leak under my sink....advice needed

    Ok thanks for above - will try to get hold of old tenant and speak to her about problems she experienced, I haven't signed a lease yet - my landlords hubby is in RAF and she was down here on holiday when last tenant got housed by council so she said she would get lease when she returned homhome...
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    Leak under my sink....advice needed

    I moved into a rental recently which had a caravan type dishwasher in the kitchen between the sink and the space for the washing machine. I got my ex father in law to remove the small dishwasher and fit in my standard sized dishwasher. He did the joinery work one day and plumbed in my washing...
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    Hotpoint WM52 - not spinning - drum turns fine by hand

    Single mum of toddlers so looking for advice as to what can be wrong with my washing machine so I know whether to call an engineer in or look to get a second hand one (Cant afford a new one, even with courier charges for second hand one cos I don't drive!)...I also paid about £70 2-3 months ago...
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    10 x 10W low voltage halogen spotlights - Dimmable?

    My brother in law is an electronics engineer so not up to speed on electrics. My sister has a centre light which will be surrounded by 10 10w low voltage halogen lights (They have said spotlights but think they may have meant downlights?) Anyway they want to have the centre light dimmable and...