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    Ecoflam minor replacement

    Which boiler do you have? Fitting a replacement burner is more work than a repair. It is not a quick fix option.
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    Heavy duty waterproof jacket

    Get a Barbour Waxed Cotton, It will last years.
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    Laying a slate hearth on limecrete.

    I have used gobbo to bed all types of hearths including Marble. If there are any porous joints seal with PVA to prevent staining due to capillary action
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    Retrofitting a upstairs and downstairs zones, to existing CH system

    Yes! That should work ok ......If it is working now. Dead legs are not good so keep them as short as possible and /or bleed valves. Where is pump and m/v's on system,
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    Turning off hot water unvented

    no its mains pressure.
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    Turning off hot water unvented

    You are impatient. It will take a couple of minutes........but will recharge the internal air gap.
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    Should I stick with old oil cast iron boiler as long as it works?

    A new boiler will never recover its installation costs in fuel saving The one you have could outlast 2 new ones. If it is trouble free.......Keep it !!!
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    Aqualisa Quartz shower advice please

    To cure the dripping, requires stripping the pump unit to clean and lube the discs in mixer. Try Utube.
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    Trianco TRG45 gravity feed boiler fan removal

    Loosen the two screws holding the fan and throat "The base of cast metal" to the boiler and twist back and forth. Unplug The fan.
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    New boiler tripping RCD

    Where is the programmer ?
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    New boiler tripping RCD

    Looking at the pipework suggests a recent change to a Y plan, (Which needs a H/W off wire). I have often seen the neutral wire used for this purpose and a borrowed neutral from any convenient source nearby. Try feeding the heating from a non RCD source to see if fault persists.
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    Asbestos Concrete Fireplace Surround?

    It was probably Vermiculite. The only asbestos was in the sealing rope around the cutout.
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    Grant vortex Diesel Boiler only works when pressing the lock out button.

    You would not get MY professional eye to look at it using 35 sec!!
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    High Limit Trips - looking for ideas please

    The capillaries should only be touching where they are actually monitoring the temp. Check the control stats cut off temp first as the limit stat may be working as intended.
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    New boiler tripping RCD

    Have the installers " Borrowed " a neutral from another circuit.
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    Wiring help.

    What is the problem with that? Lots of things have P\l