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  1. Madrab

    Need to change my bath, bathroom sink and kitchen sink taps

    Your hot water is isolated via that big brass stop tap in pick 3. Depending on where your basin gets its cold water from, it may be the mains or the cistern, if its the cistern then it may be that big brass tap to the right, half hidden in pic 1. That'll depend on whether that supplies the...
  2. Madrab

    Outside Water Tap Not Flowing.

    Take the tap off and use a largish screwdriver and punch, break the white plastic bits out of the inside, tap will run just like a normal tap. The double check valve should be on the pipework inside of the house. Outside taps with integral double check valves are no longer WRAS approved for...
  3. Madrab

    bathroom conversion to wet this notifiable work to BC?

    A bathroom is a bathroom, changing it to a wet room isn't changing it from a bathroom. All you are doing is making the bathroom you have watertight, if you see what I mean. As suggested though, if you are adding extra electrics/circuits and/or digging in new foul drains etc, then that's...
  4. Madrab

    bathroom conversion to wet this notifiable work to BC?

    I don't believe so, I think it's only when changing the use of a room/adding a new one that it is notifiable. Easy to check though.
  5. Madrab

    UVC cooling down very quickly

    The only bylaw with regards to backflow protection IME, as far as the water regs are concerned (if any are actually being observed), is to install protection of the external mains. There should be a verifiable double check valve on the mains just after the stop tap and before the drain off...
  6. Madrab

    Cross flow issues

    You need to have ISO valves to each of the outlets and then you need to shut everything down, have the HW valve at the kitchen open and then open each outlet in turn, you will then see which one is letting by
  7. Madrab

    UVC cooling down very quickly

    Not often I disagree but in this case .... ;) .... Most shower IME would normally have NRV's already built in. They are usually non verifiable valves but they perform the same function to avoid crossflow (like a single check valve). If they jam they are usually removable and serviceable...
  8. Madrab

    Need to change my bath, bathroom sink and kitchen sink taps

    Do you know your bath is low pressure? Do you have a hot water cylinder and cistern in the attic or a combi boiler? If you have the former do you know for sure that you can shut the water off completely?
  9. Madrab

    Heating is on, Radiators are switched off but still getting hot?

    As above ... The heads probably aren't working anymore. As a test, depending on the head type, get a decorators cap and put it onto one of the rads that isn't switching off, does it then go cold, if so you need new TRV heads.
  10. Madrab

    Straight lockshield valve with drain off valve chrome.

    oh right ... Doh ... apols ...till asleep
  11. Madrab

    Straight lockshield valve with drain off valve chrome. Just use a manual valve and round out the inside of the cap if you don't want anyone to be able to adjust it. That's all a lockshield is really.
  12. Madrab

    Water hammer arrester

    If it was a handyman that wouldn't have any insurance and wouldn't answer the phone when they blow off and flood the place, £30 may be at the lower end. If you want a professional that is trained in what he is doing, will have insurance and will guarantee his work and location dependent then I...
  13. Madrab

    Gate valve on hot water under floor boards

    Depends on what it's connected too, usually a gate valve would be used of low pressure (gravity) Hot Water (HW) supplies i.e. HW that's supplied from a cold water cistern in the roof space. No point in having a gate valve under the floor if it's no longer used or the HW is now mains pressure...
  14. Madrab

    Too risky to tee off near soldered joints?

    No real risk, as long as you solder as soon as the heat is right and don't move the pipe, you can always use a damp cloth but to the left of the old joint otherwise the joint you are trying to solder may not take properly as the pipe may not heat up properly. I would unsolder the straight...
  15. Madrab

    Flexipan connector tear

    Your plumber is not a vermin controller, he has done the work you asked for so you would not be able to ask for a refund. You now need to pay another plumber to replace that connector and fit a rat guard downstream into your soil system.
  16. Madrab

    Magnaclean leak from cap

    You're so tight @ianmcd , as you say it isn't rocket science to ensure these filters can be serviced properly, especially if they're going to use the plastic fibrous type materials they make them from. The texture reminds me of the old bakelite stuff, the way the threads bite together.
  17. Madrab

    Leaking shower mixer - but why??

    The centre valve assembly needs removed and either stripped and serviced or replaced. It really needs someone that knows what they are looking at. That then really needs a pro who knows what to look for and gauge whether it can actually be serviced or it needs replaced. Sometime a new valve...
  18. Madrab

    Magnaclean leak from cap

    Check the condition of the seals, it may just need cleaned and some silicone grease applied. These plastic fibre containers/lids can be a nightmare as the threads on the lids can jam before they tighten enough or when it comes to removing them, either that or they are overtightened, that over...
  19. Madrab

    Hot water from tank how does it work as i'm wanting to add solar and iboost

    The cylinder has temp controls, one to talk to the boiler so when the system (programmer) says, heat up the hot water the boiler says 'cylinder are you hot enough?', the stat on the cylinder says either yes or no. So the hot water is controlled by the programmer via the thermostat as to when the...
  20. Madrab

    What is this used for please?

    If the pipe doesn't sit tightly into the groove (former) then it's too large, as suggested those hand formers are usually for 8/10mm copper