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  1. Sam Gangee

    Buying a new TV

    Just plug in a USB extension lead. Fix its socket end anywhere convenient. Having said that, there should be a significant gap between the TV and wall to allow adequate airflow - otherwise you risk reducing the life of the TV.
  2. Sam Gangee

    Satellite TV via internet

    Already happening. I recommend reinstalling your existing system. Anything you get via the Internet will then be a bonus/ fallback in bad weather.
  3. Sam Gangee

    Hanging Heavy TV

    You glued a TV to plasterboard? I hope your insurance is good. They look for any excuse not to pay out.
  4. Sam Gangee

    Strange phone line setup in new house, help please

    Although CAT5 will work, it's not ideal. The correct phone cable is "twisted pair". Photo here: (No longer sold by that company, which has closed.)
  5. Sam Gangee

    Masthead amp failed (mother-in-law driving me nuts!)

    The 5 volt V23-560 PSU by "Vision" is obsolete but you might find a used one on eBay or similar in the future. Failing that, any competent electronics technician could modify a 12v PSU to supply 5v. And, as another alternative, make yourself a simple power inserter cable...
  6. Sam Gangee

    Evening BBC reception problems

    You need a V10-36L (Log 36) aerial for Winter Hill: More info here:
  7. Sam Gangee

    Ideal Mexico Super CF475 boiler replacement?

    The boiler was originally a cast iron Potterton with flue running up inside the cavity wall and exiting through the tiles. I think it's still there. The "new" Ideal boiler must be around 15 years old and the flue was put through the wall at that time. Mind you, the neighbours didn't live there...
  8. Sam Gangee

    Ideal Mexico Super CF475 boiler replacement?

    Thanks, Agile. This is my concern. Last year we had water dripping through the ceiling. The agents sent the landlord two plumber's estimates of around £3000 for complete replacement of the bathroom suite. He eventually found another plumber who regrouted the tiles and replaced the seal around...
  9. Sam Gangee

    Ideal Mexico Super CF475 boiler replacement?

    Thanks for the prompt response. Sorry, I don't know what an RGI is. The agents are indeed in discussion with the landlord who lives abroad. In the past, the landlord has always asked what suited me and my family (never direct - via the agents), so I know he's prepared to listen. BTW I am an...
  10. Sam Gangee

    Ideal Mexico Super CF475 boiler replacement?

    Ideal Mexico Super CF475 boiler replacement? The 15 year old boiler in my rented house has failed its annual test and been capped so we are relying on the immersion heater. The boiler is floor-standing with an adjacent pump and a copper tank upstairs in the airing cupboard. The plumber has...
  11. Sam Gangee

    what socket outlet

  12. Sam Gangee

    Repairing broken remote?

  13. Sam Gangee

    Signal but cannot find the aerial?!

    Obviously I was referring to the situation in the OP's region (West Midlands) so please don't muddy the waters by referring to TV and cable in Ireland and Spain. Can you provide confirmation that broadcast channels exist on the OP's cable system (in the West Midlands)? If not then your...
  14. Sam Gangee

    Signal but cannot find the aerial?!

    Link, please. Link, please.
  15. Sam Gangee

    New to Freesat

    Give or take a couple of centimetres. Different manufacturers made slightly different sizes. The current Triax zone 1 dish measures approx. 43cm x 58cm. The LNB is designed to focus on the oval shape for optimum efficiency.
  16. Sam Gangee

    Signal but cannot find the aerial?!

    I'm aware that they used to do that but it's not relevant now that analogue transmissions no longer exist in the UK. In any case my statement was accurate. "you won't receive cable TV programmes without a cable TV decoder."
  17. Sam Gangee

    Extending Freesat to other rooms ?

    Well, this is a rare occasion when I have to disagree with Lucid. ;) So-called "wideband" aerials are obsolete in the UK. They have not been required anywhere since the government sold off the upper UHF frequencies for mobile phone usage. A "wideband" aerial is designed to work with UHF channels...
  18. Sam Gangee

    Permanent wiring for surround sound

    Here's some half decent speaker cable:
  19. Sam Gangee

    Signal but cannot find the aerial?!

    Unfortunately, this company produces many "eye candy" items that look really nice but... Note that no actual gain measurement is provided and the fact that it's only 10 element puts it firmly into the "low gain" category.