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    Heat pumps........yeah right !

    Rich peoples toys .Now wood burners = Cheap and cheerful .Defeating the objective but toasty
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    Council owned energy companies

    They are a disgrace .There should be only one ENERGY company and it should be nationalised then run for the good of the people with very little if any going to greedy share holders .Same goes for Gas .
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    Can this be Slogger-at-home?

    Holy thread resurrection ...Everything i ranted on about came true :)
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    Taking a homeowner to court

    Ear Plugs
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    What did 'Our Ken really say ?'

    Seems the allies had the same thought on the Jewish people as Hitler .The allies eventually moved them into Israel which was a rather big mistake tbh as it never started well and it certainly will not end well
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    Actually those that pushed in were for the most part mostly to blame
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    Agreed but the fans who pushed in did so much worse ...Yet so many of you fail to see this .There are none so blind as those that refuse to see
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    I know a cover up when I see one ..Sharing the blame is the only true way to go
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    So who pushed who ? come on spit it out or are you afraid of the truth
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    Hate campaign and incompetent police

    Do not rely on the police producing evidence .You need to push for this CCTV footage now and hard .As for youtube ..I was being flippant but that is what I would do if i was innocent
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    Who pushed who then ? was it the police who pushed the fans or the fans ...think before you type ffs
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    Does Anyone Own Any Of The Following Smartphones?

    Samsung j5 here and its a cracking phone ..No problems using it at all and I use it for video evidence and photographic evidence for my landlords
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    Hate campaign and incompetent police

    You do have a copy of the cctv dont you .If not then best get one sharpish THEN put it on youtube
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    Commons statement on Hillsborough thread

    With todays tech i.e CCTV .If exactly the same thing happened again the fans would be proportioned a part of the blame and rightly so ..Why is it ok to say the fans did nothing to cause this when it was the fans who pushed then killed other fans . This is still not true justice its a bad joke
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    Oiled Furniture... does anyone have experience?

    I have a work bench that I use to take apart my outboards .Its well oiled and will never ever rot ..So oiling your furniture keeps the rot away :)
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    Can you despise certain foods?

    Wow being pc even about food now eh ...The lefties know no boundaries to their ludicrous ramblings
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    Most irritating pratt nominations.

    The one who uses the word Boyo when he is hitting on you ...Him ...
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    Safety that's why we should get out of the EU

    Brexit is the least of our worries ...I want to know why 33% of the people think its ok to rule the other 67% ...How does this happen in a democracy ..We need PR once Brexit is sorted as that will put an end to the unfair politics we now see
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    Gentle Reminder

    Is that some sort of chat up line ? how you doin :)
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    Gentle Reminder

    The truth hurts bro ...Come here have a group hug (((((((((((((newboy )))))))))))))