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    Underfloor heating problem

    New Carpet in effected room, new underlay? it could be that the underlay and Carpet have too high a TOG rating to allow the heat to penetrate through and heat the room! you are getting a flow rate through the circuit, so I don't see what else it could be!
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    Warranty.....Where do we stand

    Love the way it's always someones fault! pooh happens and suprisingly not always caused by a previous engineer!
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    Air lock in central heating pipes re-routed up and down through the loft

    Auto air vents should always be fitted at any high point air locks will occur on sealed systems too!
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    camray 5 oil burner problem...

    What Model Camray 5 is this is a Combi per chance?? could be that the pump is stopping with the burner I've seen this a few times usually down to a failed auxillary switch in the diverter valve actuator
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    Grant combi - no hot (or cold) water

    Do your self a big favour and get a Water softener!
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    Adding inhibitor via the filling loop

    the one on the left - there is no isolation valve, only a non return valve
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    Grant combi - no hot (or cold) water

    While you had it stripped down I assume that you checked for a Cold water supply to the boiler?? there is an appliance isolating valve which is tucked under the plate heat exchanger, near the filling loop is this valve on? I have had a blockage occur in the pipe work taking hot water from the...
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    How much £ to service my much loved old boiler?

    You seem to have a very high opinion of your Wife which is commendable BUT a very low opinion of Gas Engineers, for that reason, I'm out!
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    Oil fired heating & hot water

    Sounds like a TRO III model so probaby original from 1990's - the last decent boiler trianco made!
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    How much should I be charged in labour to have a new gas valve replacement in my boiler? Just the l

    What do you charge per Calendar month for the property?? Hmmm!
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    Oil fired heating & hot water

    Could easily be the original boiler but as said get an independent inspection done (about £100) that will give you an idea of the age, condition and compliance of the system
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    Honeywell ST9400C programmer

    1. YES 2. Doesn't Matter 3. Correct
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    Honeywell ST9400C programmer

    It is not un-common for a Honeywell Programmer to fail in this way - even mine at home did this when I had to do some work elsewhere that involved switching the power off - new programmer should sort it!
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    AAV On Grant Combi 90 MK2

    I seldom have problems with Grant PRV's not seating it is a bigger problem with boilers with the valve at the bottom such as the Wallstar combi, or most gas versions! ;)
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    Mystery pipe

    The Stopcock should have an arrow on it which should give you an indication if it is rising to above or dropping to below! sounds like CWM to feed the roof tanks to me!
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    AAV On Grant Combi 90 MK2

    You DO NOT NEED to drain the boiler down, simply discharge the system pressure to Zero by operating the pressure relief valve once the system is at zero you can simply whip out the old AAV in wind in a new one it'll take 5mins maximum!
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    Squealing pipes and boiler turning on when cold is run?!

    And check the dynamic pressure cos you might need to fit a pressure reducing valve! ;)
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    serviceplus s21

    AND you have noticed the message BEFORE the boiler shut down! which is the whole point! :-)
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    Heat Genius Heating system

    Had a look , they don't seem to have heard of OIL fired central heating! Hmmmm??